A 3D Hyper-Casual Game With Touch Controls

  • Genre: Hyper-Casual
  • Art Style: 3D
  • Platforms: Android and iOS

In Helix Bounce, the player navigates a bouncing ball and, with it, should go as farther as they can through various discs and obstacles. The farther the player goes, the higher their score.

The player controls the main tower, on which are several discs. Players should move the tower left and right and take the ball through various slits in the discs. They must simultaneously avoid danger zones that can end the game.

And the farther the players get, the more difficult the game becomes.

Helix Jump has analytics implemented to track player behavior. In addition, the game is monetized with video ads and banner ads.


  • Power-Ups: Score Booster and Disc Breaker.
  • Two Types of Discs: Normal Discs and Rotating Discs for engaging gameplay.
  • Sound Effects: Different sound effects like a bouncing ball, disc breaks, and power-ups.
  • Social Sharing: Share your high score with other players.


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