A Fun 2D Arcade Game

  • Technologies : Unity3D
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Platform: iOS & Android
  • Type: Free to play with in-app purchase

Developed for iOS & Android, this 2D game features the popular Sanrio character Hello Kitty. Players need to collect fruit from the garden while competing with pests and working against the clock. Touch and swipe controls to release a ball and position the basket to collect fruit. The money earned from selling fruit can be used to buy items to decorate the garden.

The game features 30 unique items to decorate the garden. Players can buy furniture to unlock the new farms, gardens and orchards. Social sharing features were included to compete with Facebook friends.


  • Created for iOS & Android
  • ~200 challenging levels
  • Social features – Facebook integration to share and compete with friends.
  • Was featured as No 1 game on Google Playstore


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