United - Jet Bridge Operator

Interactive Airline Training Simulation in Virtual Reality

  • Platforms: Oculus Quest, Pico Neo 2 VR, iPad
  • Game Engine: Unity
  • Art Style: 3D, Realistic

JetBridge VR simulation is a training application that helps people learn how to use a JetBridge at an airport. 

The JetBridge is used by aircraft to shuttle passengers. It is an enclosed space where passengers can move between the aircraft and the airport. Most aircraft these days use the JetBridge rather than the aircraft’s stairs. 

In the simulation, there is a static airplane. First, the user has to align the JetBridge with the aircraft’s door and then park it there. Only then can the users move it to other positions.


  • Nine different aircrafts
  • Simulation of different weather and lighting conditions
  • Multiple environments’ sounds tailored to specific weather conditions
  • Integrated CMS for admin control
  • Intuitive control schemes
  • Integration of detailed 3D assets
  • Incorporation of relevant sound effects for immersion
  • Companion iPad app for the inspectors to monitor trainees
  • Detailed player profile to track stats and past performance
  • Multiple camera angles for the user to view the scenes from


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