Play your cards the right way

  • Technology : Unity3D
  • Genre : Online multiplayer card game
  • Platform : iOS & Android
  • Type: 2D
Kalutai is a traditional Indian card game. The player’s objective in the game is to finish all the cards in their hand as quickly as possible. The last player having cards loses the game, he/she will be called ‘Kalutai’ aka ‘The Donkey’.


  • Create game rooms : Create different rooms for different groups (friends, family, and colleagues).
  • PvP – Online Multiplayer – Play with friends: Connect with your friends via Facebook or by using the unique in-game tag assigned to them.
  • PvP – Online Multiplayer – Play with random Player: Play with random players from around the globe.
  • Play offline: Play against the computer at varying difficulty levels.
  • Chat Facility: Chat with your friends and competitors via voice or text.


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