A Mobile Game Based on a Hit Music Album

Genre: Endless Runner

Art Style: 3D

Platforms: Android and iOS

Game Engine: Unity

Kidd Keo: Back to Newport is a 3-lane endless runner. The game is named after Spanish rapper Kidd Keo and his album Back to Newport. The central character in the game is modeled after Kidd Keo.

In the game, you must go as long as you can without colliding with obstacles. You must avoid both full and partial collisions. Partial collisions slow you down for a few crucial seconds. While full collisions result in a game over scenario

In addition to these, there is a feature named the ‘Money Gun’ in Kidd Keo: Back to Newport. You receive a money gun once a specific meter in-game becomes full. Just then, two enemy characters appear in front of you. You must use the money gun to shoot both.


  • Power-ups: Jump and Magnet.
  • 4 Unlockable Apparels.
  • Various types of obstacles.


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