Thai Language Online Game

  • Technology : HTML5/JS
  • Genre : Gamification on Insurance
  • Platform : Web & Mobile browsers

It is a single player Thai language online game where player needs to take care of a village which has various places and the villagers. Players aim is to keep his villagers healthy by responding to their needs. Give right item to the right character in different places by switching them in the bottom of the screen. Avoid bad items and make use of the power ups. Score high in the leader board and win exciting prizes.

  • There are 6 different characters and 4 different places available in the game.
  • Each place has different items falling from the top, which has to be given to characters
  • Avoid bad items by tapping on them before it reaches the character.
  • Character will gain happiness points when correct item is given.
  • Different difficulties in each different places.
  • Different power ups will help in gaining more points.
  • New places will be unlocked depending on character level.
  • Collect coins and buy new character.
  • There will be total 5 lives and each will be regenerated for every one hour.
  • More you play, more points you collect. Win exciting prizes using points and coins.
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