2D Mall Management Game

  • Technology : Unity3D
  • Genre : Startergy role playing game
  • Platform : iOS & Android
  • Type: Free to play, in app purchases

This is a mall management game where players must oversee shops in a large market to sell arms, armour, spells and shields to a steady stream of customers. As the game progresses, players can hire new staff to manage the workload, add new shops to the market, and further upgrade shops to maximise serving capabilities. Items can be used to maximise profits. Legends and VIP customers result in larger earnings.

For this game, the focus was on keeping the player experience challenging without making the goals too difficult, in order to increase replay value and keep the game interesting. We created pixel based art and animation assets to add a retro flavour to the game.


  • Created for iOS and Android
  • Features pixel based art and animations
  • Periodically upgrade shops and hire new staff


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