An Educational Gaming App for a Top Educational YouTube Channel

  • Genre: Educational  
  • Art Style: 2D  
  • Platform: Android and iOS 
  • Game Engine: Unity

Ryan’s World is an educational gaming application for children.

Children from different age groups can learn interactively through quizzes, videos, and experiments using the app. Children choose the topics they want to learn, each of which has its learning path. Each topic also has interesting experiments for children to complete.

During learning, children encounter several characters in Ryan’s Ultimate Science Lab. These characters include main characters like Ryan and Ryan’s Mom and secondary characters like Gus, Moe, and Alpha Lexa.

Ryan’s Ultimate Science Lab is monetized using renewable IAPs, which parents can avail as subscriptions. In addition, it also has analytics for tracking user behavior and CMS for content updates.


  • Parent Arena: Manage profiles of multiple children from a single place.
  • Badges: Earn badges for learning.
  • Customization: Create and customize personal avatars.  


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