Sea Dash

Dash, dive, bounce

  • Technologies : Cocos2DX
  • Genre: 2D Platformer
  • Platform: iOS & Android
  • Type: 2D game

Sea Dash is a complete fun-filled game that is surely going to keep you on your toes! Guide the scuba diver through an underwater cave without touching any obstacles. Keep surviving until you complete the level and achieve objectives. Touching an obstacle or running out of oxygen kills the player on spot.


  • 100 awesome levels that will test your skills. Get ready!
  • Easy controls! Anybody can play, no matter the age!
  • Multiple diving suits to choose from! Some have special abilities too!!
  • Play levels multiple times to achieve all objective stars!
  • Lots of powerups and upgrades to boost your play!
  • Varieties of hurdles including many sea creatures to make sure the challenge is frolic!
  • Captivating HD graphics that will immerse you fully into the game!


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