A Cooking Game for Mobile

Smile Cooking
  • Genre: Time Management, Cooking
  • Art Style: 2D and Isometric 2D
  • Platform: Android and iOS
  • Technology: Unity (Game Engine)
Smile Cooking is a cooking game based on the Burmese actress Smile. The game also features the cuisines of Myanmar and the country’s various cities as part of the gameplay.

In Smile Cooking, a central character is a chef, which is modeled after the actress Smile. In addition, numerous other characters appear as customers in the game.

Furthermore, the game has analytics with Firebase to help learn about players’ behavior.

Smile Cooking is monetized with the use of both Ads and IAPs. The Ads include both Reward Ads and Forced Ads. Meanwhile, the IAPS have bundles, boosters, and the option to remove Ads.


  • Ten cities, each with 100 levels.
  • Two different types of levels: fixed-time levels and fixed-customers levels.
  • Numerous unlockables and upgrades.
  • Global leaderboard.
  • Account login and progress saving.
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