Stunt Runner

Start your game as a freestyle runner!

Stunt Runner

Run over obstacles and jump whenever necessary! Get points as you play and don’t hit an obstacle. If you do then the game’s over!! The score you get depends on the coins collected, distance travelled and stunts performed. You’ll just get hooked to the parallax scrolling as you play the game which really gets you on the move. It is the first game ever to integrate the Tap coin which is a blockchain based coin!

Stunt Runner Features:

  • There are day night cycle which makes for an attractive environment while giving a lively feel.
  • Convert the game currency to TapCoin (Cryptocurrency)
  • 3 types of stunts – monkey vault, slide and wall running.
  • 5 types of obstacles – walls, buildings, boxes, billboards, water tanks.
  • 2 types of powerups – Coin magnet and shield which can be upgraded by coins Daily login bonus
  • Checkout bonus when the player gets a scratch card for every 1000 points.
  • Analytics which record usage patterns for better upgrades.
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