A Puzzle Game

  • Technologies: Html5, WebGL, Javascript, Three.js

Sudoku Sensation! provides you a compelling experience where you can play Sudoku for Real Money prizes! Play for free or for money; either way you’ll experience an exciting Sudoku game with 100 high quality puzzles. Simple enough to play with one finger, but sophisticated enough to support the multi-touch interface for expert players. Smooth graphics, cool effects and win screens, Sudoku has never been this much fun! Includes interactive tutorials for the user interface. A sophisticated AI based hint engine that gives you a little or a lot of help.


  • Play for Real Money on Runs and Grids – Sudoku Sensation lets you place wages across the board
  • Always find your winnings at the top of each game board
  • Choose from sleek, eye-popping backgrounds and layouts
  • Access 100 different puzzles that ramp from easy to moderate to hard
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