TCO Quest

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TCO Quest is a gamified solution. The solution has card gameplay with quiz as a mini game. This application distributed internally for the employees to educate about the products and use cases. The same solution will help to evaluate the employees understanding and capability suggesting the ideal solution to customer. Application as a Knowledge source where as employees read and watch the video and take mini games to earn the points which will be used to unlock the items in main game. The solution has challenging leaderboard on various aspects like global, country, region, team etc…

The game is online so employees can download and play anywhere and any time without restriction. Game is available for iOS, Android and PC.


  • 90+ Product in Cards
  • 30 real scenarios
  • Real time system simulation
  • Categories
  • R&D Centers
  • Knowledge Base –  PDF & Videos
  • User Profile
  • Leaderboard
  • Mini Games
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