A Mobile Ludo Game with A Tribal Theme

  • Genre: Board Game
  • Art Style: 2D, Cartoonish
  • Platforms: Android and iOS
  • Game Engine: Unity3D

Tribal Ludo is a ludo game built around a tribal theme. The game has 4 game modes: Play Online, Play with Friends, Play vs. Computer, and Pass and Play.

In the Play Online mode, players can play online against random players. Meanwhile, in Play vs. Friends, players can play against their friends.

Similarly, in the Play vs. Computer mode, players can play against the AI. While in the Pass and Play mode, players can play offline.

Furthermore, players can enjoy these 4 games modes in 2 different game types: Slingshot and Normal.

In Slingshot, players can use power-ups like ‘Sling’ and ‘Additional Roll’ during gameplay. At the same time, Normal has the standard rules of Ludo without any power-ups or gameplay changes.

The game has monetization using both IAPs and Ads. The IAPs include various power-ups and other purchases. The Ads meanwhile consist of interstitial, banner, and video ads from the AdMob SDK. 

In addition to all these, the game also has Unity Analytics implemented.


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