A Unity3d Survival Game

  • Technologies: Unity3D,Car physics,Secured data transfer wrapper for DB storage

Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Horde Survival Game, which combines military grade weapons and zombies in an arena style battle. This game is for those of you who got tired of killing zombies while driving endlessly in a single lane. Come here to enjoy an enticing ZOMBIE SAFARI experience.


  • Multiple Cars to Wreck zombies.
  • Multiple Weapons including military grade heat seeking missiles and Atomic bomb.
  • Three different environments to explore
  • 4 types of meat loving zombies who want to rip you apart.
  • Global leaderboard & Facebook friends leaderboard to test your might against the world.
  • Participate in Tournaments to earn more money and upgrade your rig.
  • Weapon & Vehicle upgrades to withstand longer in battle.
  • Share lives, bling & weapon with friends for a friendly gameplay experience
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