Farming Simulation Social Network Game

  • Game engine: Unity3D
  • Genre: Simulation games, MMO game development, 3D game development
  • Type: Free to play with In-app purchases

Designed along the lines of Farmville and HayDay, VOW is a farming simulation game where players grow crops, trees & farm animals,harvest, upgrade & buy new items to boost production. Created for Android, iOS and Facebook, the game also includes a real time farming option that allows the users to buy & plant crops in real world and have the produce shipped to their doorstep.

Our services included end to end game development,and asset production. We created a range of 2D isometric assets in the cute-cartoonish style along with custom 2D and 3D animations as well as sound effects for characters, environments and actions. Social features include Facebook integration to buy/sell items, invite Farm buddies and participate in tournaments.


  • 125 levels
  • 3 mini games to earn coins and XP
  • Real-time farming option
  • Social features – Facebook integration to buy/sell items
  • Weekend tournaments where players can team up to earn XP
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