Live Running Simulator

A GPS Running app for fitness enthusiasts

PRESS RELEASE : October 25, 2017


Running and fitness apps offer people a way to track and accomplish their fitness goals while staying motivated and engaged throughout the process. Juego Studios developed Live Running Simulator, a GPS running app that lets users connect and race with other runners across the globe in real-time. Released for both iOS and Android, the app uses GPS based games to track the runner’s progress in the real-world and translate the same to a virtual course via a customized 3D avatar.

As a mobile game development company focused on creating products that engage users, we integrated a number of features in Live Running Simulator Game to make the daily fitness and running challenges as interesting as possible. Users can be a part of the virtual community of runners across the world and participate in various race categories. The app offers three difficulty levels: amateur, semi-pro or pro and choose to run in circuits of 400 m, 800 m, 1,500 m, 3,000 m, 5,000 m or 10,000 m. Users also create and customize their own personalized 3D avatars, which will match their real-world speed: you can personalize clothes, accessories, country flag, facial features using in-app purchases. The app also offers Olympic speeds as a benchmark for users to compare their time against.



In this mode, users try to beat their personal best times on their chosen track.


Users can challenge and run against Facebook friends or other app users. A maximum of 8 users can compete at a time. The multiplayer mode also includes a tournament feature.

Like most fitness apps, Live Running Simulator lets players view selected replays of previous runs and provides graphs of speed and performance through each run. The app also tracks personal best times and average speed. Speeds and times are stored in the database to allow users to monitor personal progress or compare stats with others. Leaderboards allow users to gauge and compare their progress with Facebook friends and other users across the world.

Live Running Simulator was designed with Unity3D and features a sleek and minimal UI. We also included audio updates that inform users of changes in position and approaching opponents in a race. Social features were included to let users compete with Facebook friends and share achievements.

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