Britannia’s Treatanaut

A captivating and crisp game for those who crave creamy confectioneries

PRESS RELEASE : October 25, 2018

Release of Britannia’s Treatanaut

Juego Studios have recently developed a promotional game titled ‘Treatanaut’ for the FMCG giant Britannia and was released by them on July 31, 2018. The game has been developed to cater to the FMCG industry with the intention of helping the client re-strategize their branding and marketing and thus increase its brand value among the masses. In the recent past, it is been observed that gaming has made its foray into the FMCG sector in the form of advergames where various FMCG brands are known to leverage the brand recognition they are able to garner by integrating its brand into such illustrious games. It is reported that implementation of advergames for advertising a brand has turned out to be more effective than a conventional 30 second jingle or advertisement.

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