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Ready-K! is a kids game which is designed to facilitate a successful transition to Kindergarten by providing parents with objective data concerning their child readiness. Ready-K! is an engaging educational game development that includes 12 scenes with progressive levels of difficulty. Each scene features different games to fully engage your child. At the end of this educational learning game, it will generate an objective and comprehensive progress report to identify the kids’ strength and weakness which subsequently facilitates the parents as well.

It is an immersive and creative world built for little hands and big imaginations. The ideal app is for 3 to 6 years old children or preschoolers. Kids can play and explore at home!


Ready-K! has been listed in the TOP 100 paid apps under Education category in United States iTunes Store.



  • Cocos2d-x


Targeting the 3 years old kids, Ready-K! is made for children that are preparing for Kindergarten. Ready-K! is like a lunchbox full of activities for hours of entertainment for your child with over 300 activities. It contains 12 scenes in a progressive level of difficulty which is comprised of 8 sets of questions of different genres. Bacciz, the mischievous dog, is the fun factor of the game who will be asking the questions to kids and with each correct answer, Bacciz will reward the kid by advancing towards the completion of the trick.

There are few standards of the game which help to create the framework. The standards are designed to be robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that young people need for success in careers. Standards are listed below:

  • Quantitative language
  • Descriptive language
  • Early literacy skills
  • Visual discrimination
  • Colour awareness
  • Geometry
  • Math and numbers awareness
  • Positional concepts

To follow all these standards, the game is combined with arrow shooter game & puzzle games.


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