User-friendly instant messaging and social chat apps that let people communicate using the internet have become the preferred alternative to SMS. Modern instant messaging services today are feature-rich chatting apps where users can stay in touch with friends and family using text, audio and voice messages. Along with messaging services, these apps also contain other features to keep users engaged such as built-in games, newsfeed & theme based stickers.

Juego Studios has developed a cross-platform social chat apps for instant messaging, gaming, voice and video communication.


All games have both single-player and multiplayer modes.

  • Quiz: A question and answer game based on popular TV shows Game of Thrones and Friends.
  • Sandcastle: Turn-based shooting game where players aim and destroy each other’s sandcastles.
  • Tic Tac Toe: The classic noughts and crosses game where players mark Xs and Os on a 3 by 3 grid.


The application has been developed for

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone


File size is a key factor to consider while developing games for chat applications. Games developed for chat apps need to be smaller than those developed as standalone applications. Game chat apps should ideally be around 2 to 4 MB in size.

Juego Studios has also developed two games for Hike Messenger, a cross-platform chatting app for smartphones where users can send each other texts, graphical stickers, emoticons, images, videos, audios, files and voice messages.

  • Road Fighter: Road Fighter is a car racing arcade game where players have to reach the finish line without running out of time, fuel or hitting other cars. Players must cross multiple stages and can refuel by hitting a special type of car.
  • Chess: A single player version of chess, where players can select a difficulty level and compete against the system.

We developed all our games for chat apps with perfect user friendliness and easy access mechanism.

Key Features:

  • Easy signup and registration: The app has a simple signup process that uses the phone number and verification code. The app automatically syncs phone contacts to allow users to invite friends and chat with other contacts already using the service.
  • Simple profile setup: Users can choose a profile name and avatar for themselves. The home screen displays the number of friends, game history and total score.
  • Instant messaging: Users can send each other text messages, themed stickers, audio buzzes and video clips.
  • News Feed: The app has a newsfeed section that contains updates from contacts. Users can post status updates, upload pictures and tag friends in status shares.


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