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Heavy Industry like most of the other industries today, are not untouched by newer and emerging technologies. Whether it’s the oil and gas industry or mining, aerospace, defence or the chemical industry, all the heavy industries are capital intensive and have heavy and large equipment and facilities. This makes adoption of new technologies even more important.

Game development service in Automotive Segment
  • Recent advancements in digital technologies have advanced the pace of operations in the automotive industry.
  • Today in a world connected with smart devices, various processes in the automotive industry, from manufacturing to assembly and from supply chain management to sales, have been revamped by use of technologies and solutions like simulation, visualization, gamification & IoT, to name a few.
  • We at Juego Studios, offer several of these solutions to enable a smart and more efficient automotive industry.


We understand the importance of safety in the automotive industry, especially when it comes to assembly and manufacturing of vehicles. We provide simulated environments using our visualization and simulation solutions, to enable a safe training environment for the employees. Such simulated environments emulate the physical environments either on smart devices or place the trainees in a simulated virtual environment through the use of virtual reality devices. This enables the trainees to learn about the safety procedure required in the field. For one the largest automobile manufacturers, we have created a safety based training app where the users can walk and operate in a virtual manufacturing floor. But while they operate on this virtual floor they are not allowed to proceed if they miss on any of the required safety procedures. Automotive IT Solutions like this enable employees to understand the importance of safety and learn the processes in an interesting and interactive way.


With visualization and simulation, we provide solutions for a better and more efficient training for the workforce of automotive industry. Using solutions like 3D visualisation and simulation we digitally transform the way training is experienced for many processes like, safety measures to be followed, manufacturing of various components, assembly of various components, quality analysis and assurance and even the working process of a complete plant. Our solutions ensure that the employees can be trained in a risk free environment on devices like desktops, mobiles, tablets and virtual reality headsets. This offers connected and local independent platforms to impart training and assessment.

Employee Engagement:

With our gamification solutions we help in creating a more efficient and better workplace. Gaming elements like badges, leaderboards, scores and levels, are used to better engage the employees by offering them a sense of healthy competition, gratification and rewards. Our gamification solutions for the automotive industry also help in assessing and suggesting areas of improvement to ensure better performance management.

Promotions & Sales:

We provide solutions to augment the promotional and sales activities of automobile companies. We create visualization solutions for new product launches which enable customers to better experience the product from any location, on device of their choice. We also provide simulation solutions through which potential customers can simulate a car to check its operations and get technical information about its configuration and performance. We recently created an augmented reality automotive experience for a new car launch, which helped to create buzz around the vehicle and engage potential buyers. Such solutions replace the age old non-interactive brochures with interactive and engaging experiences.


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