Freedom on-the-move(FOTM) is a mobile video surveillance system (MVSS) manufactured by Strongwatch corporation. It finds the application by the military, law enforcement, and border security agencies. It can be used for force protection, counter sniper, anti-ambush, covert surveillance, law enforcement, drug interdiction, port perimeter security and so on.

The application was deployed on PC, Windows Mixed-Reality & Oculus.
Technology: Unity3D & Shader programming


The FOTM of the Strongwatch corporation is used by the Homeland Security of the US government. The company had issues to market the FOTM system. The issue was that they found it difficult to give demo to clients from far-off places as they were located in Scottsdale, USA. Also they wanted something better than a HD demo video of FOTM system. They wanted the user to experience their prime product with all its look, feel and efficiency. Hence they decided to avail VR simulation which could effectively address all these requirements. They also required from us that we include the features from FOTM into the VR application.


We developed a working simulation and VR experience that imbues complete working functionality of the surveillance system. Our designed system works in such a way that a user can experience the virtual working of an FOTM using Xbox controller on a standard PC in either a fixed or mobile mode along with VR.

  • The thermal imaging feature was one of the best features of FOTM. To render that effectively we used the post processing systems of Unity, Shaders and customized it according to the client requirements.
  • 3D environmental scene was built using Unity3D terrain set-up and billboards.


We simulated some real world features of the system into this strongwatch application. Some of them are:
  • Drive mode – The user gets the feel of the vehicle drive where the vehicle will move from one point of the virtual environment to another and can control the system in realtime.
  • Stabilization mode – The camera mounted on a real vehicle would be unsteady in its focus. Stabilized mode is a customized mode from our end where the video rendering of the camera is such that there is no unsteadiness. One can toggle between stabilized and free mode.
  • DVR mode – The user can take the OSD image snapshots or record the video. One can initiate recording upon pressing the directional pad. One may copy snapshots or video onto a thumb drive.
  • POI mode – For fast repeatability, the operator can choose two preset locations of either sensors(TIC/VCC) on a known location.
  • Backlight mode (VCC) – When the VCC sensor is active, this mode can be used to enable or disable backlight compensation. If this is enabled, a backlight will be shown in the backlight compression indicator in the OSD.
  • Auto Exposure (VCC) – To get the best image results the best mix of gain and level is added to the operating camera.
  • Edge enhancement mode(TIC) – When the TIC sensor is active, this mode can be used to cycle through three enhancement modes which are none, EE and EE+. It comes with enhanced spatial fidelity and contrast which results in better target detection and recognition.
  • GIS mode – This mode gives the operator their exact location in terms of latitude and longitude.
  • We have incorporated a feature wherein the camera zeroes in and focuses on moving targets. This feature is synonymous with the working of the FOTM vehicle where if any intruder moves the camera tracks them in no time.


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