The communication, simulation, treatment and research in healthcare have dramatically been enhanced by the touch of technology. The use of AR/VR in healthcare is going to be widespread in terms of intraoperative surgery, training of healthcare professionals, physiotherapy, better diagnosis, anatomy, visualization and much more in the coming times. In fact reality technologies can also be used to record some of the best surgeries by top surgeons which can be played to students so that they can get the first-hand experience of it.

Juego Studio’s pioneers in the development of AR/VR solutions, gamification and simulation services for healthcare. Our applications have satisfied our client requirements as we have strong expertise in reality technologies along with gamification and simulation services. Adoption of emerging technologies like Mobility, XR, MR, AR, VR, Simulation in many of the health care areas has served the professionals, doctors, employees and patients in an effective way. We are happy to mention that we have worked with some of the best companies in the industry.

To name a few applications developed on healthcare for our clients are :
  • Mind the mucus VR app for visualizing mucus creation
  • Pill production VR app for simulation training
  • Surgical training in VR
  • Stereotactic surgery through AR
  • Endoscopic training and assessment in VR
  • AR, VR in the Anatomical evaluation


One of a well known name in the healthcare industry had come up with new cough syrup product which the doctors would prescribe to the patients. It was bit difficult to position the product in doctor mind due to prolonged usage of older product.

We have developed the VR application for both sales and end user. Through VR app the users could really get to know about the mucus creation and how the syrup cleared the excess mucus arising out of pneumonia.

The user could experience detailed narrative voiceover with perfect video audio sync putting their doubts at rest. This helped the user to keep in mind easily and boost sales. To know more about the application, visit this link.

Mind the Mucus VR App


Soat your sales skills app

A gamified app was developed for a reputed pharmaceutical company, to their employees’ and clients use. Company had spent lot of resources to create the content for their employees and consultant to help in sales and marketing. But the information was severely underutilized or not used.  The challenge was to induce them to read the content, but forcing the user to read was not yielding much result as expected, because of various reasons.

To improve this, the gamified application was developed. The app was helping the user to learn and update themselves in an entertaining way. Through leaderboards we also imbued a healthy competitive situation among the employees. Because of all these the content consumption increased. The app picks on the concept of ninjas and dojo environments where the sales ninjas strive to become sales senseis.

We added an intuitive dashboard with progress bars for every skill sets and the notification list which gives out the events of the game. The interface design options were iterated to make the UI highly interactive, user friendly to get user retention. We deeply understood the UI requirements and delivered the most engaging and appealing UI to the app. In fact, it also resulted in the increased and better participation of employees as they had enhanced app features.


A leading pharmaceutical company wanted to train their employees in the tablet manufacturing process and we developed AI based 3D simulation training process, assessment  & virtual classroom (VC). The employees could undertake all safety procedures, complete process of tablet manufacturing with 2 modes training & test mode. In the test the system AI will provide random progressive scenarios for the trainee and evaluate & score them accordingly. Through these practices the application aimed at eliminating errors and enforcing good hygiene in the production site. Our system was able to track the performance & activities of the employees.

It is due to our highly ardent team of UI/UX designers, developers and project managers that we have been to achieve such feats. We are committed to develop more such promising  apps which will benefit our partners immensely using cutting edge technologies.

Pill production VLC app

How the reality technologies can transform the surgical training process?

Surgival training process through VR

The low tech instruction manuals and videos are what the contemporary surgical training is all about which would typically last for a single day. This would be a very brief training procedure on a cadaver. The experience derived from the training would start waning in days. It is after several months the practitioners go to live operating rooms and hence they would get very nervous and even patients distrust novice surgeons.

Through this app, however, surgeons can look into the environments through their headsets and the hand controllers enabled them to hold objects and tools in the right sequence and operate on a patient’s organ with precise movements. In case of orthopaedic surgeries there would be some drilling and hammering which are simulated by haptic excitors. When the surgeries are done enough number of times the experience, sensation from haptic excitors get embedded into the subconscious mind of the practicing surgeons. They then can perform the surgeries with much confidence.

It has received a lot of funding, recognition and may well tread on to revolutionize the surgical training process. Novice surgeons often make grave mistakes due to lack of experience. This type of VR surgical training can drastically reduce such errors and hence this is a major potential VR application to healthcare.


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