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Virtual Reality Applications for Different Industries

Application of VR

In the past few years, virtual reality has revolutionized gaming and is among the fastest growing industries. However, in the next decade, there are several new possible applications of VR beyond the sphere of gaming. From providing solutions to complex problems in every field to creating new ways of performing existing tasks, Virtual Reality Applications can be used in a number of innovative ways to change the world. Here’s a look at some of the possible future Virtual Reality Applications in various industries.

Virtual Reality Applications for Different Industries

Real Estate:
Interactive Virtual Reality Applications with virtual tours and walkthroughs to showcase homes and properties online. At the touch of a button, customers across the globe can explore every area of the model house.

Automotive and manufacturing:
It can be used to simulate early stage interactions with products. Simulations can be used to explore user-friendliness in designs, identify flaws, and troubleshoot issues, saving time and costs of expensive modifications down the line.

Retail & Shopping:
Immersive virtual online shopping experiences that allow consumers to better experience products right from the comfort of their home.

Heavy industries:
Create simulated environments for safety & skill training in heavy industries including manufacturing, petrochemical, oil & gas industries etc.

Medicine & Healthcare:
Virtual 3D computer generated programs can be used to simulate real-world environments to help treat patients with psychological problems.

Realistic combat and emergency training scenarios to help train personnel for real-life situations in a safe manner. Training simulations to familiarize combatants with new weaponry or vehicles, planes etc.

The most prolific use of VR is in the field of entertainment with games, videos, movies, virtual theme parks, and experiences. VR can also be used to enable virtual viewing of sporting events and live concerts.

Hospitality and Tourism:
Online VR experiences can be used to promote tourist attractions, hotels, homestays and more online.

Virtual Reality in education can be used to complement and enhance the traditional methods of learning from textbooks and lab experiments and fully engage all of the learner’s faculties. VR can be used to create immersive learning experiences for a complex subject matter.

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