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Heavy Industry like most of the other industries today, are not untouched by newer and emerging technologies. Whether it’s the oil and gas industry or mining, aerospace, defence or the chemical industry, all the heavy industries are capital intensive and have heavy and large equipment and facilities. This makes adoption of new technologies even more important.

VR technology in Heavy industries
  • Juego Studios offers service and solutions based on new and emerging technologies to help and ease out several activities in the heavy industry. The deployment of these solutions utilizes smartphones, tablets, desktops, online medium, virtual reality or augmented reality enabled devices.
  • This ensures that our solutions are portable, cost efficient and location independent, while being able to solve numerous business and operational problems. Some of such solutions for the heavy industry include visualization, gamification, virtual reality & augmented reality solutions.
  • We engage users by using  gaming elements like badges, leaderboard, levels and scores etc and gamify the process to ensure engagement and impart a progressive yet interesting way of learning.

Promotions & Sales:

No industry or company can afford to ignore methods to increase their sales. Our solutions for the heavy industry ensure that companies find better ways to engage their clients and increase their sales. Replacing the traditional heavy brochures, we offer solutions that use technology and intuitive design to drive sales. Our solutions can be used to showcase several products, their features, use cases, virtual demos and much more, in an app on a smartphone or tablet. With integrated augmented reality solutions, a sales presentation can be easily transformed into an interesting and engaging session to showcase products.

IoT Enabled Operations:

Siemens has recently introduced new technology called Industry 4.0 that helps to control a whole work process of a factory from anywhere without any manpower. This technology has been developed with IoT. Juego Studios offers IoT enabled solutions to develop applications which can be used to build and operate connected machines or connected factories, from a smartphone.

Training & Employee Engagement:

One of the key areas where we provide our solutions includes training & learning in the heavy industries. We design and create interactive training modules. Such training modules ensure that the training can be provided to the employees at any location and on a plethora of devices, including smartphones, tablets and desktops. With these being interactive training sessions, the users can also evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. These training modules can also be imparted using VR headsets, which transport the trainee into an immersive virtual onsite environment to learn in.


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