Heavy industries entail various industries like steel, manufacturing, oil and gas, mining, construction and more. AR & VR can be used in these industries to greatly aid in normal day to day operations. AR can detect the malfunction from large machinery to small bolts. AR can scan machinery parts and store the information in the cloud. Machins can be examined by a single technical expert, instead of multiple personnel if we use AR. VR can be used to simulate various hazards scenarios of the industries like the methane gas leaks and the way to handle it. AR can be used on creating the 3D virtual model of manufacturing units and these holograms can be used by engineers to interact with experts regarding installation and maintenance. VR based manufacturing simulation can duplicate the entire manufacturing process and each participant trainee gets his own virtual factory to work and learn.

To support visual guidance on the use of drilling machine which can enhance both efficiency and accuracy. We can simulate the critical situations of the industries for the employees to train how better they can deal with the situation if it ever occurs. We have realized the potential and importance of the VR  in heavy industry. We are happy to say that we worked with some of the best companies in the heavy industry. Few of the app details mentioned below, we worked.


Tantalizing Training VR App

Through this Virtual Reality app, the employees trained how to disassemble and assemble the machinery. In the virtual setup, the user has to make the model wear virtual safety gear as a safety precaution. Then the user can start dismantling the machinery. The employees can actually experience the removing of washers, screws and all components of the machines.

The user assembles all of the individual components into a machine without getting exposed to the various risks involved in on the job training. The employees can undertake self-training without the support. As it is perfectly safe, can be used as many times as needed.

Play of Pipes(RFID) Simulation App

RFID is an automated data capture(ADC) technology which is instrumental in identifying, locating and tracking the drilling pips and it doesn’t matter glare, and dirt. Its used in industries like Oil and Gas exploration.

We had to develop a complete demonstration system of the RFID pipe process from its retrieval to storage. The project consisted of tagging the drill pipes because these pipes have gone through harshest conditions like high pressure, acidity, vibration, and high temperature. The tagging process entails drilling of recess onto the pipe and after that fixing a screwable tag which is secured with high-grade glue. Inside the RFID tag, there is a chip protected by heavy duty polymer which shields the chip from temperature, pressure, vibrations and chemical exposures. The tags are used when the pipes are moved to the warehouse in that they detect the status of the drill pipes.

The order tally system in the warehouse has a reader similar to the rig floor to identify all the drill pipes details. The pipe passes through the trackID reading system where the pipe is identified. If the system encounters a quarantined pipe it will alert the driller to replace it. High fatigued items and pipes are returned for inspection.


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