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We deliver competent big data solutions and services to enhance your business

Juego Studios pioneers in the development of big data solutions. We assist companies in integrating big data into their IT setup where we develop and implement big data solutions which lets them evolve. We help companies assess business insights and customer behaviour. Data is the new oil and we help companies leverage the value of data through our competent big data solutions. The most cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things needs the capabilities of big data. Deep Learning AI models remained only as a model ever since 1960s. It is only due to the power of data processing by big data that they are live systems now. IoT devices generate the tremendous amount of data which require the big data processing capabilities. The fact that we deeply understand the need for big data in the tech world is a proof that we are highly adept at working with big data technologies.

Web Development Big data


  • Architecture Strategy & Design
  • Big Data Implementation
  • Business Analytics & Intelligence
  • Big Data Consulting
  • Data Mining & Data Aggregation
  • Big Data Integration
  • Data Migration & Maintenance
  • Big Data Optimization
  • Custom Hadoop Solutions
  • Custom MongoDB Solutions


  • We have a dedicated team of experts who provide competent big data solutions.
  • State-of-the-art data analysis features at the Juego Studios facility.
  • One can consider us as consultants in big data where we will help you develop an architectural overview on how best to handle your datasets.
  • A very strong association with various vendors and leading research institutes of big data.
  • Our experts of big data will carefully examine data from various sources and deliver insights for better decision making. They will also roll out recommendations on how best to harness existing data to achieve client goals.
  • By comprehensively analyzing the volume, velocity and variety of the client’s data, experts at Juego Studios will give appropriate solutions to client specific business needs.
  • We offer both predictive and descriptive analytics services to enable companies to make best of their datasets.
  • Our data scientists are highly capable that they develop complex algorithms to churn large datasets.
  • We engineer advanced strategies in big data where we pioneer in making the best use of data.
  • We excel in technologies like Hadoop and Spark where we are involved in high end big data processing to achieve our customers’ ends.


  • Companies can get a better overview of the market trends using big data. By analyzing which products are mostly bought companies can catch the trend of the market and develop products based on this.
  • Almost all kinds of data can be queried through a common front-end interface. The types of data can vary from unstructured, structured, new and legacy data.
  • Searching can be done in a very speedy way of the structured, unstructured, complex and social data through a common interface.
  • Companies can store terabytes of large information in distributed file systems like Hadoop.
  • It is used in business intelligence/descriptive analytics where large data sets are queried for insights. These datasets are usually past data.
  • It is used in data science which uses complex algorithms, statistical and mathematical concepts to garner deep insights from large datasets.
  • Predictive analytics where vast amount of past data is processed and queried to garner insights into future trends.
  • Valuable insights can be garnered from data that can be considered as uneven or inconsistent.
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