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By Juegostudio | Android Game Development, Mobile Game Development | October 23rd, 2018

10 MMORPG Mobile Games that have mesmerized the Masses

MMO Mobile Games

MMO games are one of the most popularly played game genres in the mobile market. The reason is that they appeal to both hardcore and casual players. Most of the mobile MMORPGs get updated every now and then with fresh content and hence players stay loyal to the title (History of MMO Games). If the game is so engaging then the hearsay will spread like wildfire and there will be mass adoption of it in no time. Mobile games like this leads to making lot of money for the creators of the game (Read more on – How to make money out of mobile games? ). That is the same with every game but in MMO the indulgence of other players and friends playing together makes the gameplay much more engaging. Playing MMORPGs in mobile makes it reliable and efficient. It’s always an advantage to develop your MMO game for mobile.


100 players fight to death on a remote 8×8 km island and the winner takes everything. Players have to collect their own weapons, supplies, vehicles and bring down other team players.  The game is set in a graphical and tactical rich battleground with an ever shrinking play zone. Players outside the play zone die slowly and the whole game concept is well conceived by Tencent games. You must be ready to land, scavenge and do anything to survive and be the last man standing. There are many things you need to know when you play PUBG using mobile like the gameplay and the controls. The smooth gameplay makes you play this game in mobile rather than in PC.

Arcane Legends

SpaceTime Studios had developed Arcane Legends which is 3D browser based game. It is an action-oriented combat game system. There are three classes at the threshold of the game like the rogue, warrior and sorcerer which the player has to choose from. Each class will unlock many abilities that can be customized as per the player’s playstyle and spell choice. There are not auto attacks in this game and here the players should tap or hold the attack button long enough to perform a sequence of attacks or a single charged attack. Players can choose a pet at the game’s start which follows them and develops its own skills and abilities. The players also needn’t bother collecting the loot as this will be done by the pet. There are about a collection of 40 pets which the player can choose from.

Dungeon Dragons

Gameloft is the development team behind the dungeon hunter series. Evil reigns and people have to protect themselves against monsters, bandits etc and hence bounty hunters, mercenaries can really work their role here. These inspiring Dungeon Hunter Champions will hunt evil monsters, demon knights, devil minions, dark mages get you hooked all day. There are stunning AAA animations for attacks, heroes and dead enemies. There are about 1000 pieces of weaponry and armor and 100s of spells and skills in battle. Play with your friends in a guild and fight versus other players in battles. Build, defend and raid is the motto in this game. Daily dungeons give fresh dungeon quests for heroes and let them collect rare materials. Players can prove themselves as proper bounty hunters through weekly hunts and legendary hunts. Seasonal challenges add rewards for success and are accompanied with twists in the adventure of the player.

Pocket legends

After 8 years of adventure and over 20 million downloads Spacetime Studios’ record remained as it. There are about a 100 levels of multiplayer PVP and co-op action that this game is really popular as a mobile MMORPGs. Indulge in crazy adventures from people all over the world in mountain peaks, steamy swamps and spooky dungeons. Play Pocket legends more effectively with strategy and master 5 legendary character classes. There are thousands of items to collect spread out across 100 levels.

Order and Chaos 2

Travel the road to redemption in a completely new story in the open world of Order & Chaos. Join thousands of player heroes on a fantasy journey to complete exciting multiplayer quests and redeem yourself! Strive for redemption in the open world of Order and Chaos. Team up with other player heroes to complete multiplayer battles and redeem yourself! The world has engaging graphics with multiple factions and thousands of NPCs. A player can choose among 5 races like Mendel, Orc, human, elf and Kratan. There are 5 classes to quest like warrior, blood knight, ranger, mage, warrior and monk. Enhance your weapons and be invincible. Take on dozens of quests and fight the toughest bosses. Fight for dominance by playing on multiplayer battles in open world PvP.

Celtic Heroes

Immerse yourself in the world of warcraft, magic and adventure with Celtic heroes. Join with millions of players all over the world in a stunning and real time fantasy MMO in a 3D persistent world of epic battles, challenging quests and new friendships. Get on an immersive adventure over the large lands of Dal Riata. Customize your character on the go. Develop your skills to match your playstyle, build new friends with other players. Team up together and fight versus rivals in real time. Fight groves of legendary enemies, invaders, imps and dragons in the most thrilling war ever. The player can also chat and trade in-game items with other Celtic heroes and bring order to Dal Riata from darkness and chaos. Clash with other clans and know your positions through leader boards. This game inspired by the Celtic mythology won’t go without touching you deeply.

Izanagi Online

Izanagi online  is full on RPG with over 100 quests. Choose from mage, assassin, cleric, warrior or mage and enjoy the ninja action. There is stunning graphics all over the 100 quests with engaging storyline in the adventure. Travel around the world and meet special characters that may help or betray you. As you tread on in your journey you can seek the mysteries and make difficult decisions. Each among the four classes has its own basic skills with various combinations that will help in your battle. You can team up with other players to improve your battle experience. 

Eternity Warrior 4

Eternity Warrior 4 is a very engaging game to play with four heroes to choose from and you can crush the enemies. Hack all the enemies as the warrior, rain down fire as the mage, slash their necks as the assassin or charge through against them as the crusader. Choose which hero fits the play style and get the action going. Discover rare armor, loot and weapons to improve your abilities. Improve both your active and passive skills to keep the demon advance in check. You have master over the skills to unravel the hero’s greatest potential. The rage mode can unleash the most deadly techniques. You can enter the arena to battle other players in epic matches and put the best gear to your hero to climb the ranks and earn the best prizes. One can create a guild and invite other players to join and soar high in their leaderboards. You get to experience a new event every week where you can win special awards and gear.

Toram online

The story goes something like this. Several hundred years ago the ground was split suddenly. The gods did their best to patch it back up but it nevertheless looked weirdly patched. As the nations were annihilated the people of the world were divided into four groups irrespective of the race.

It has a high userbase playing it. The game is open world and the combat is point and click which makes the gameplay a little difficult but well worth playing. Character creation is reall expansive which gives a varied options for hair customizability. Unlike other MMORPGs Toram doesn’t let players choose a class. The player is given many weapon types and the can himself choose how he wants to play. There are about 80 billion dress patterns to choose which leaves the players hopelessly spoiled for choice. The player can also customize the weapon abilities. One can communicate with multiple players online, co-opt with them and slay fearful monsters. You can explore the huge 3D world with your pals.

The Infinite Black

In The Infinite Black you can team up with thousands of players and hence this is a very popular space combat and adventure game. Take command of gargantuan spaceships, build powerful corporations and indulge in never ending intergalactic warfare. Battle aliens, seek bounties, loot treasure, earn achievements and personalize ships with thousands of items. Friends and enemies alike are connected via cross platforms. There is absolutely no cost to play and no underlying marketing manoeuvres. Hence, there are no subscriptions, account limitations, time restrictions, selling personal info and so on.

As the mobile penetration is only going to increase, the mobile gaming market is expected to overtake PC gaming market. Mobile games have the mobility advantage where the player can play games on them on the go in the bus, school, park and so on. Mobile Game Developers will try their best to make these mobile games more entertaining and hooked. There is a good sense of community in MMOs when it is about forming guilds/clans and raiding. Also there is much communicating, interacting and meeting other players that really drive the game adoption. This is what has kept these games going in this year.

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