Advantages of HTML5 Game development

By Juegostudio | HTML5 Game Development | October 30th, 2019

Advantages of HTML5 Game Development

We see a lot of users spending time on the web browser through smartphones and desktops. The best possible and popular way users tend to interact with their smartphones is through games. Mobile games are widely played recently, thanks to better internet connectivity and fast internet speed.

Is html5 good for game development?

HTML5 games are cross-browser and cross-platform enabled. Game developers have now diverted their attention from Adobe Flash to HTML5 for game development, Due to stopping the flash support by all the major browsers and also HTML5 cutting-edge features. It is really appreciated and preferred by many game development companies and web developers.

Game development companies must identify globally dominating trends and the latest technologies for developing immersive and interesting games in order to serve a diverse set of gamers. Go for an HTML5 game development company that can offer you customized services by developing superior games with easy UI and captivating graphics.

Let us take a look at the HTML5 game development advantages along with other supporting technologies of the web.

Cross-Platform Support

One of the key advantages of HTML5 is cross-platform compatibility. Developers get a lot of help as they’re able to develop games that are easily complaint to different screen sizes, resolutions, requirements and aspect ratios. HTML5 games can be played smoothly on various devices like laptops, phones, PC along with smart gadgets with web browsers. Regardless of the operating system(OS), in HTML5 games the developers are required to code only once and then they can deploy it across platforms with ease.

No Download and Widely Accessible

One of the major advantage of Html5 games is no need to download and also the gamers expect that their games should be widely accessible as per their convenience. This feature is one of the biggest pillars of HTML5 game development. HTML5 games offer easy access via modern browsers which include Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and more. This is possible as it offers cross-browser support for building engaging games. Adding on to it, the Cache Manifest technique of HTML5 will also facilitate gamers to store their information in the cache hassle-free. This can help in playing HTML5 games offline.

Hassle-Free Maintainance and Updation

New updates get automatically configured and the user doesn’t need to update the software themselves. Once the latest update is pushed, it gets applied to all major platforms so that the users can experience the updated version of the game. New features of the game can be made available to all the gamers instantly this way. You are free to make the game offline permanently or for instance as the games are not installed on the smartphones of the users.

Promoting HTML5 Games

HTML5 games include all major platforms. This strengthens its user base as the target audience is pretty large. HTML5 game is easy to promote since the user need not download, they can play whenever they wish. Because of this option, the developers can avail of the new and the existing marketing channels along with the website for promoting the apps.

Ads display can be done around or within the game depending on user/advertiser feedback. You can easily promote an HTML5 game by just sharing the links. This will result in publishing HTML5 games on websites that are often visited by gamers. Apart from this, there are dedicated sites designed exclusively for HTML5 games.

Technology Stacks

Technology has an important role when it comes to developing games using HTML5. Cocos2d-HTML5, Phaser, Pixi, Babylon JS and more frameworks used by companies primarily for developing immersive and dedicated HTML5 games to induce gamers across the globe. With the help of Babylon JS, we can develop games for both 2D and 3D.

Phaser is another framework that lets you develop 2D games with a small size that can run seamlessly on all vital platforms. 

Cocos2d-HTML5 as the name goes helps in developing 2D games. It has a great community that lets the developers gather the latest information rapidly for developing unique and thrilling games.

The key technologies that are being used to develop HTML5 games are Web Graphics Library and Canvas.

Some eminent HTML5/Javascript game engines and frameworks that are profoundly used besides the mentioned ones include Construct2, pixi.js, EaselJS, Impact JS Engine, Three.JS, and more.

Coming to the conclusion, it is well clear that HTML5 offers a wide range of new possibilities in the process of game development. If you are looking to develop your own cross-platform HTML5 games with outstanding design, features, give us a call now to learn more about what we do here.

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