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Benefits Of Game Art Outsourcing

Developing lucrative video game can take several years, and it requires a lot more than just game concepts development, scripting, programming, character design and creation, animation, level creation and testing. Through outsourcing, game developers can cut down the time required for developing any game as well as reducing the costs too. While a wide variety of work is outsourced today by game developers, game art outsourcing is the most common content as most of the companies prefer that.

The survey results say that “to construct a comprehensive look at the segment, almost 200 professional game developers were polled anonymously about their studios’ use of outsourcing, their outsourcing budgets and plans, regional factors, and much more. Outsourcing is clearly on the rise in terms of overall budgetary allocation as well. The high end of outsourcing budgets increased nearly twofold, with the proportion of companies planning to spend $2 million or more on game artwork outsourcing rising to almost 20%.”

Benefits of Game Art Outsourcing

Time-saving: When you hire artists in-house, you have to go through the whole process of interviewing, screening and training the candidates. It is time-consuming for both you and the employee. But when you outsource game art technology, it saves time as you do not have to go through the entire hiring process. The service provider serves skilled professionals and you do not have to pay full salary to the indoor professionals while waiting for the next project and hiring a corporate expert for a temporary project can be a costly affair due to the cost of training, adaptation, and wages. When you outsource, this kind of problem never shows up as they already choose a company that will meet their requirements.

Cost-effective: When you outsource the game art service, there will be no need of keeping an in-house employee, and you don’t have to spend any extra money for employment costs for in-house workers. If we follow the market study of outsourcing of game art, it shows that the Western companies from the USA, Canada prefer to hire professionals from India and China as it becomes cheaper for them. The difference in wages for in-house and outsourced workers varies from a country of interest, contract details and required skills. Today, game art outsourcing is a promising trend in India and it also to get exposure to work with some of the best creative talents in the world.

Flexibility: Game development company has huge demands of developers, especially content creators, and outsourcing allows for temporarily adding more resources when they are needed and releasing them when they aren’t, without any hassle. This also means that the more mundane or repetitive tasks can easily be shifted externally so that your internal team not only works on more interesting tasks but also works on tasks that are much more important to the game.

Overhead: Another huge benefit of game art outsourcing is an absence of overhead. There is no special expenses for the office, computer, and licensed software. Since outsourcing company provides you with a team of qualified specialists, the responsibility of managing the labor pool lies on the service provider. This means freedom from additional bureaucracy and unnecessary spending.

Hence, it shows that leveraging external resources allows your project to change direction drastically. The games will be more expensive in the shops without outsourcing or else the games have to be shorter. Same way many companies outsourcing game development to reduce the burden on the organization and save time and budget.

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