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By Juegostudio | Mobile Game Development | October 1st, 2019

10 Best Educational Mobile Games

The word ‘Educational’ is quite a wider term especially when we talk about mobile apps, there is a vast range of software that comes in the wider term of education. There are abundant educational apps in both Google Play Store and App Store but finding the best one is not an easy task.

There are various educational apps that are customized for high school students, college pass outs and some are for the post-graduation or any specialization. We have handpicked some of the most helpful apps for both teachers and educators, focusing on the students.


BYJU’S is one of the largest educational learning apps for school students with approximately 16 million registered students on the platform. The app offers complete learning programs in Math and Science for students between classes 4th-12th. It also has test prep courses for competitive exams like CAT, NEET & JEE, IAS, GRE & GMAT, and more.

Math Kids – Add, Subtract, Count, and Learn

Math Kids is an interactive free educational learning app built to teach young children numbers and maths. It offers various mini-games that toddlers and pre-K kids will fall in love with, and the more they do the better their math skills will become! Math Kids helps preschoolers, kindergarteners to identify numbers and start with basic addition and subtraction puzzles. They’ll have a good time completing games and earning stickers, and you‘ll have the treat to watch them grow and learn.

Educational Mobile Games


We always wish to learn a new language, which turns out to be challenging though when there are no particular courses offered near you. Buying a textbook and DIY is also an option but the Memrise app offers a unique way of teaching new words through Gamification. Simply install the app and pick a language you wish to learn, the app will take you down to the basics, phrases, spellings and aural recognition.

The app is absolutely free and has a lot to offer if you’re keen to go for a full version, you need to purchase the “Pro” subscription. If you’re looking for an easy way to learn a language, Memrise can turn out to be the best bet.


Primarily for students who seek a little more guidance while solving their algebra problems. Photomath fits perfectly for them. The app is radically your math buddy that can immediately solve and explain all your answers. All you need to do is take a picture of the question you looking for an answer to, or you can type as well, and the app automatically breaks down the solution into various steps with helpful play-by-play so that you can apply the same principles to the rest of your homework.


Get free online courses at Udacity app. Choose from hundreds of various topics and you may go for the nano degree(a verified certification) for just $200 by getting feedback and coaching from the professionals. If you’re looking to start your career in programming, a Nano degree can be of great help.


Using flashcards, Brainscape claims you can double your learning speed. The app picks up the repetition of each concept hassle-free, so you retain knowledge more efficiently. You can rate how well you know each concept and the educational app will choose the right time to give you another quiz. Brainscape is free to use, also you can find user-generated flashcards or create one on your own.

The Great Courses

If you are one of those who gets petrified doing the college homework and are agonized with student debt, then The Great Courses is a blessing in disguise for you. The app offers lectures from skilled professors, covering a wide range of subjects including literature, history, business, math, music, even cooking. You can either download the app or stream courses online, the app is very much compatible with Chromecast.

Professionally made lectures, with HD quality video, along with visual aids when required, you get all of it in this app. If you’re looking for individual courses, you may need to shell some money from your pocket, otherwise, the app is free to use. There is a sale on courses that goes on from time to time after all your smartphones weigh quite less than carrying textbooks.


We all make grammatical mistakes now and then, and some of us don’t have the right tool where we can improve our writing skills, precisely “one sentence at a time”. With the help of GradeProof’s AI, you can improve your style, check for originality, as well as identify complex grammatical issues that other word processors generally take a miss. The app is free to use, if you’re for complete full-time writing assistance, then you may need to pay $10 for the premium version.

Classroom Learning Mathematics Students Study


Quizlet is a custom-made app for marathon study sessions. The app has a lot of features like creating your own personal flashcard – use texts, pictures, audio-video, and look at any topics in other user’s quiz, that can be helpful to you. The simple interface and setup process just adds a charm to its appeal.


Extramarks is a fun, exciting, and interactive mode of learning goes live with the updated version of the app. The app has an AI-based learning companion – Alex, who will take you on a customized journey through engrossing visuals and rich media animations, and help resolve all your doubts with ease!

It is a one-stop-solution for everything, through visual and interactive learning modules, including homework, projects, essays, tests, or assignments. NCERT solutions offered by Extramarks are one of the best. It is the only app that has solutions for all subjects, all the classes, both, the CBSE and ICSE Boards. It is among the most comprehensive education apps.

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