Best HTML5 Games in 2024

By Juegostudio | HTML5 Game Development | July 30th, 2020

Best HTML5 Games in 2020

Just 3 months into the year 2020 and we found out that the outdoors were off limits and so were social gatherings, the only getaway from the monotonous long days was online gaming. The ease that transpired in playing a game directly on a web browser without having to download it in advance, made novice and expert gamers alike turn their heads to HTML5 games. A player can actually switch between hundreds of games in a day. The games developed in HTML5, which have beautiful graphical rendering, simple to use structure and direct web browser playing interface, have gained a considerable audience this year.


The mobile (Android/iOS/Windows) and laptop gaming made far ahead leaps than the simple web browser ones in the gaming industry, WHY ? – the reason is simple – Major advancements in web browsers and associated web browser technologies. Long gone are the days when most games developed in HTML5 used to look like siblings of Tetris, the past decade saw huge leaps in graphic designing and conceptualizing.



                               “the fire is dead. the room is cold. awake. head throbbing. vision blurry.”


                                                                                        “Stroke fire”


Recently, the Dark Room has gathered a lot of attention from the gaming world, owing to the mystery around it and for making no sense to most of its users. It is one of the best Html5 games in 2020. The game was first developed for browsers only, using HTML5. According to the developer the Dark Room was designed to be run in an open window on the web browser throughout the day.

One of the most played games of all times, the game involves no fancy graphics or effects, it evokes only a simple text-based conversation with the player transporting us back to the games of nineteen-seventies. This HTML5 game has certainly made an enormous contribution to the rebirth of “text-based games”. The game interface though simple and smart, manages to stimulate a very basic digital impulse in a user i.e., to constantly check and recheck one’s phone. On an endnote, just make sure that you stoked the fire and the room is warm.


With reality television occupying a good amount of entertainment slots, Gods will be watching is a good place to start into reality based games of HTML5. The game is developed using HTML5 with a minimalistic “point and click” actions on a single, pixelated background with only an elementary course of action set available at the player’s disposal. The actions are themed on despair, commitment, and sacrifice which makes the game feel like a real life tension filled survival scenario where the player faces moral dilemmas and crucially timed decision making.

“There’s no good or evil, just decisions, with only you and the gods as a judge to your actions.”

The game is set in an archaic background of a Sergeant Burden whose crew was ambushed while researching a deadly virus and now they have to survive for 40 days in isolation. The members of the crew are a versatile group including a psychiatrist, a robot, an engineer, a soldier, a doctor and a dog. Being the crew leader, It is the players responsibility to keep them warm, fed and sane. The only true weapon one has is his/her wits, failing which the player will be subjected to judgement by Gods.


The entire game is summarised in the title itself. This simple yet addictive HTML5 game is based on an incremental game format with no ending. Cookie clicker is a lucrative game because of the hundreds of achievements and milestones a player achieves while playing. The game is a milestone in itself in the genre called “IDLE GAMING” and is updated regularly.

The sole aim of the game is that a player must increase the number of cookies he has with a number of efforts. Cookie clicker is played with geometric growth where a player starts with nothing and can reach billions or more cookies. Cookie Clicker balances simplicity and player engagement on-point, while demanding menial mental commitment. Enjoy clicking !


Millennials and beyond would never understand the lure which generation X gamers felt for Pac-Man. It was “THE GAME” for any passionate gamer and now considered an important piece of legacy in the gaming industry. World’s biggest Pac-Man is an HTML5 version of the same eat all dots and power pellets Pac-Man we know well, but it can be played on a web browser with cross-platform compatibility.

This HTML5 version has the gamers hooked, since the player can keep on expanding the game’s horizons by introducing user-created, customizable and interlocking mazes. Also, it includes multiple players and multiple mazes gaming experience which was missing from the original Pac-Man.

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The game which has been taking millions of people on an enthralling journey since its conception, was a huge success in web version as well, and can be played on any operating system (even Linux), powered by HTML5. The game uses HTML5’s local storage to keep track of player’s score and stars.

A player gets a flock of multi-colored birds which are to be directed strategically from a sling shot towards a group of hungry green pigs which have supposedly stolen the bird’s eggs. To clear a level, the player has to eliminate all the pigs either by striking directly or damaging their protective structures made of different materials. The success depends on how accurate of an angle and force you apply from a point in the field behind the launch post.


The above mentioned games are among the best HTML5 games of 2020, but there are many more such compulsive HTML5 games that will manage to keep you hooked for hours to your computer screen, and lure you back everytime you promise yourself a “NO MORE”. A boon for gamers and developers alike, HTML5 games are reviving the old ways of gaming and pushing forward the new, transforming the gaming industry forever.

Juego Studios understood a while ago that HTML5 is one of the best choices for making captivating games with the best quality, therefore we maintain a dedicated team of seasoned game developers having vast knowledge of HTML5 game development. Our satisfied clientele and our awesome games speaks volumes about the quality and professionalism which make the core of our company. 

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