Metaverse Development Companies 2022

By juegoadmin | Metaverse Development | August 12th, 2022

Best Metaverse Gaming Companies of 2022

The Metaverse is a concept that has been in the heads of technology enthusiasts for decades. People have predicted how it will radically alter the way we live, socialize, and do business.

For years, however, the metaverse existed merely as a concept. The technology available had not caught up to the ideas people had.

But now, with the advent of virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D gaming, and high-speed internet, the metaverse has finally become a reality.

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What are Metaverse and the whole flame of popularity surrounding it?

Metaverse is the latest and fastest evolving virtual world. In a nutshell, it is a parallel, digital 3D universe, built using varied computer networks, embedded applications, and related services. As per industry watchers, the metaverse is the next phase of the cyber world and is branded as the future of digital experiences: the reason why several Metaverse Game Development Companies are mushrooming around to make the most of the harvest.

In this alternate universe called Metaverse, denizens can interact more freely without any restrictions and can also take ownership deals. It is more or less an interaction hub for denizens on a virtual platform, wherein they can even don alternate online personalities or avatars different from their real life.

Here is a list of top runners in the field of metaverse game development companies:


1. Juego Studios

Juego Studios is an award-winning technology and design solutions company specializing in game development and has branched out into every emerging field of design solutions including VR and AR, NFT, Blockchain, Metaverse, and more.

Leading players in the global forefront, Juego Studios provides end-to-end solutions in native as well as cross-platform game development, with credentials in PlayCanvas, Unreal Engine, blockchain, Cocos2d-X, and development frameworks.

Juego excels in developing your dream concept into an amazing metaverse within specific timelines, with a keen eye for graphics, and user experience.

2. Amakuni:

Amakuni was one of the pioneers to jump on the bandwagon of Metaverse games. Amakuni game platform is developed using the duo combo of traditional action packed mobile RPG with that of the latest blockchain technology.

In Amakuni, players can build their team of knights, create artistic weapons and equipment for warfare and combine it with the elements of nature like Fire, Water, Thunder, etc. The fantasy game is set in the land of Aepiran where gamers can have engaging adventures and thrilling treasure hunts.

The major Amakuni game is unique because the:

  • NFTs are the main source of currencies or tokens which are used for trades in the Aepiran world. The currencies are limited in supply.
  • The inflation rates in the Amakuni economy are nearly zero.
  • The players can use their artistic skills to craft their supplies from 153 materials available in about 3 million different combos.

Amakuni has nearly 37k followers on Twitter and 7.5k members on Discord.

3. Avarik Saga:

Avarik Saga is a strategic team building game, which has the inlays of traditional JRPG to give the players instant connection. In Avarik Saga, you can start your game with 3 NFTS and earn more as you win with your team. The game is all about team building and synchronization. The game is a beautiful weave of art and cryptography where the gamers are transported to the virtual universe of magical forests, knights, wizards, and marksmen. The Indonesian company aims to be the leading NFT platform in the country and wants to introduce to the people of the nation the concept of”play-to-win”. The gamers can win battles to earn their tradable NFT tokens. At Avarik Saga, the gamers can:

  • Employ Avarik Soldiers and trade them at marketplaces.
  • Win battles to earn tournament awards.
  • Collect rare and timeless Avariks.
  • Built on utility tokens and Avarik currencies in order to employ Avairks.

4. The Mars

The Mars Corps metaverse game is all about setting up the ideal world on Virtual Mars through tradable NFTs. The Mars NFTs are built using the Polygon chain, which the gamers can buy and sell through OpenSea.  The company has 15 years of experience in MMORPG gaming. The company has 3 launched NFT projects: Web 3.0 NFTs, The Martians, and MRST Mining Pet NFT which leveraged a $3millon in sales turnover.

Nearly there are 800k downloads for the Mining app and more than 180k followers on various social media handles. The company launched nearly 5000 Martian NFTs at 0.5 ETH, which even increased to 2.99 ETH. According to the sources at The Mars Corps, the NFT tokens come with benefits like IEO/IDO tickets, invite to company functions, and early binge on The Mars releases. The tokens can also be converted to membership cards for happenings and purchase points on The Mars world. The gaming company is looking forward to gaining a cutting edge in the metaverse universe.

5. Li’L Goats:

Lil Goats is a fighting game between goats that are developed in 2D. The Goat is a symbol of resilience for the people of Northeast Brazil, especially during droughts. Since the Li’L goat developers are from the Northeast region and as the poverty levels of the lands are as nearly as 47.9% of the whole country, the makers of the game feel that the Li’L Goats will give them the hope of prosperity for the future.

The game creators want to build a virtual gaming platform wherein the players can make the play-to-earn concept a reality. Players can buy, sell and auction Li’l Goat tokens on the company website. The 10% of profits made from  Li’L Goat’s  Cardano Native currency profits are used for reforestation, carbon emission reduction programs, and poverty reduction in Brazil.

6. Illuvium:

Illuvium is a sci-fi, play-to-earn game that is built on the Ethereum blockchain with high graphics. In  Illuvium games,  players can collect cryptocurrencies called ILV tokens. The gamers can explore 7 enchanted alien lands and unearth natural disaster events that shattered Illuvium.

Gamers can also fight battles on the Leviathan Arena or the PVP Battlegrounds to gain more rewards. The users can trade their NFTs on the IlluviDex, the Illuvium marketplace at zero gas fees with peers. Illuvium allows you to take ownership of your game assets. The Illuvial captures, farming materials or gamer crafts are converted to NFTs and stored in crypto wallets.

7. Crypto$Fight Club:

Crypto$Fight Club or CFC is an NFT battle game that is almost similar to 1990’s Pokemon or Final Fantasy, where players can earn while they play. The gamers can also take ownership of their wins. The Crypto Fight Club allows gamers to fight foes and friends alike. The battle game is all about:

  • Acquiring a fighter.
  • Donning it with extravagant accessories to give the complete battle looks.
  • Fight other gamers and earn rewards for the battles won.

CFC has its own NFT tokens called the $Fight or Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The NFT token holders can also buy mini-games, and trivia, freely roam the game world, and also buy powerful fighters, or even make game accessory purchases such as gloves, shorts, boots, etc.

8. Bloktopia:

Bloktopia is fundamentally considered a virtual shopping mall where visitors get to learn all there is about the metaverse world and the usage of cryptocurrencies. Blocktopia is built on the Unity engine and there are 21 levels, where the visitors can play games, build networks and do much more with their cryptos. At the Bloktopia shopping mall, users can trade in $BLOK in more than 200 virtual stores, play games, and even attend seminars and concerts in auditoriums.

With $BOK, Blocktopians can buy real estate called the REBLOK or the Real Estate Blok. The price of real estate varies with the level position of the pieces on the virtual mall.

Developers of Bloktopia also provide users the opportunity to make revenue from the ad space they purchase on the virtual space mall. ADBLOCK can be purchased using $BLOK tokens.

BLOKTOPIA is also working out strategies to develop the BLOKTOPIA Charity Foundation in order to channel effective use of cryptos funding for mankind.

9. My Metaverse

My Metaverse is a gaming company that develops metaverse play-to-win games. One of the main aims of My Metaverse is to build virtual 3D gaming platforms so that artists, musicians, and vloggers also have the opportunity to develop their artistic skills and trade their crafts using NFTS. The company is developing 5 metaverse games: Infinity Realms, Survival Infinity, Infinity Auto, Governors Paradise, and Governors of Infinity. In My Metaverse, the players can use NFT tokens to represent player identities, buy real estate and art, attend music concerts, and so on. My Metaverse games provide an immersive 3D feel and are committed to reducing carbon usage from the earth.

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If you are in search of a good metaverse game development companies that can provide a stellar experience for gaming enthusiasts in the digital universe, you may go through the Portfolio of Juego Studios. A leading technology game development company in game design and development solutions, Juego Studios ensures a seamless process of concept development and prompt delivery within your specific timeframe.

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