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How do you choose the top Blockchain Platforms for NFT Games?

Blockchain platforms are immensely growing in the market as these platforms are the need of the hour for the gaming industry. How to select the right blockchain platform, and what is the necessity of it? Choosing a suitable blockchain game development company for blockchain platforms helps to focus on obtaining high turnover and engaging in competition.

Having the blockchain with the best features is perfect for your NFT game to improve & grow usability and customer retention. The popularity of NFT games is booming owing to users showing interest in the blockchain sector and cryptocurrency.

So how do you choose the perfect blockchain platform for your NFT game? But before delving into this, certain crucial factors must be considered in choosing the right blockchain platform.

What are those factors, and how did they come into the picture? Hence let’s discuss these factors in detail below first, and then we will move ahead with the blockchain platform for your NFT game!

Factors to consider while choosing the right blockchain platform for your NFT game:-

Here are the factors mentioned below:-

1. Security:-

It is highly recommended to consider security a top priority when dealing with an organization that handles important or confidential data.

There is a need to avoid security breaches because a platform with a mechanism of PoW (proof of work) consensus process is prone to attacks, and there is a possibility of losing money, data, access, and control of the network’s computational power. In addition, there are massive chances for decentralization to fail.

Attackers can easily control the network’s computing power if such things happen. Hence, you must select a blockchain platform with a record of a mining-free consensus mechanism and a security history of peer-review.

2. Transactional Speed:-

An essential factor to having an efficient and suitable blockchain platform is the high speed with low cost. For any blockchain platform, transactional speed is the shield that can be operated under decentralization.

It is mainly required for the domains involving the transfer & storage of value. For an NFT game to succeed, the speed of transactions is the main factor to enhance it. The payments between the entities must be secure, transparent, and immediate.

Therefore, the blockchain’s transaction speed plays a significant role in the success of your NFT game and transaction costs. So select a blockchain platform considering the reasons mentioned enabling it to perform as many transactions as possible per second.

3. Smart Contracts:-

Embellishing smart contracts should be given attention and must be given a secure, bug-free, and clear code. To get high performance and the best usability, smart contracts must be tested before deploying.

For a blockchain, a smart contract forms an essential part as it is the place where it secures information. The smart contracts that are well-crafted ensure the platform’s security.

The blockchain platform you choose for your NFT game must have robust and reliable smart contract functionality. Then only it is possible for no malpractices, breaches, and fears of downtime.

There are many more factors, and the above are the major ones as discussed.

Top Blockchain Platforms for your NFT Games:-

Some of the best blockchain platforms you must consider for your NFT games are described below:-

1. Ethereum:-

Ethereum, which has abundant features with reliable token standards, is one of the prominent blockchain platforms. It is the best blockchain and the oldest platform to create NFT games.

It is an open-source platform with its own cryptocurrency called Ether (or ETH). Based on blockchain technology, this platform makes and runs decentralized apps. On Ethereum via Ethereum virtual machine, it is quite easy and simple to create & produce NFT games.

The companies offering NFT game development services prefer Ethereum as a blockchain platform for its two token standards, ERC-721 (for creating NFTs) and ERC-1155 (for creating new semi-fungible tokens). In addition, it is known for its stability and reliability in the platform.

2. Binance Smart Chain (BSC):-

One of the most renowned cryptocurrency exchanges is the Binance smart chain. It can coherently work with Ethereum. Instant liquidity for trade and low budget costs are the advantages associated with Binance.

Its decentralized feature is one of the best advantages over other blockchain platforms. It is one of the fast blockchain networks and provides for NFT, a smart contract platform that can manage the overall flow of transactions.

Binance is superiorly built-in for NFT compatibility, its proof of stake authority validates transactions, and its cross-chain transfer provides flexibility.

3. Solana (SOL):-

An open-source blockchain – Solana, allows decentralized apps, non-fungible tokens, and smart contracts. It is designed for the scalability of user-friendly apps with its high-performance decentralized blockchain technology.

Two main methods are used to build the Solana blockchain: proof-of-history (PoH) and proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus. Any blockchain game development company currently prefers Solana as it is one of the fastest blockchains.

Moreover, with a negligible cost on application, Solana is a bigger chain network and offers an excellent infrastructure in a cost-efficient & eco-friendly way for NFTs.


Blockchains play a key role in NFT-based services and projects, as NFTs have a crucial niche in the cryptocurrency market. Hence one must consider the parameters while choosing the blockchain platforms and ensure that the blockchain you select for your NFT game is efficient.

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