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By Juegostudio | Game Development | July 18th, 2019

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Game like PUBG

After Ban of PUBG from India, it created a high competition in the gaming industry to steel the user base of PUBG. Here we see few facts about PUBG and how much does it cost to develop a game like PUBG ?

Few facts about PUBG?

PUBG has officially made nearly half a billion dollars in the first six months of the release, can you believe? You have to. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds – a stunning shooter game that lets 100 real players fight against each other on a deserted island. As each match advance, the game puts survivors into closer and closer quarters. You’ll get ‘chicken dinner’ if you survive till the end and will be crowned as the winner. It has become the talk of the town and that does not seem to shut down soon in the coming future.

Moved by its success, a lot of people want to develop a game like PUBG. How to create a game like PUBG? this is one of the top search query around gaming industry and new business minds. But, when you plan on implementing any idea the first thought that rings a bell is the cost involved in its development. Mobile game development is a growing market and there are various opportunities for making money in it. With upcoming technologies like AR and VR in the market, the gaming community is more enlivened than ever to see how app developers use them for gaming.

Many have a question, how much it will cost to create a game like PUBG. Many people don’t have idea on efforts behind building this game. PUBG is built on a very large level and as per the developers, the time they took for developing the entire game was one year. It’s difficult to predict the exact cost and time for developing a mobile game as it depends on various factors and requirements.

Let’s take a look at a few factors that will impact the success and cost of developing an app like PUBG.

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Why PUBG is so successful?


It all began in March 2017 with the launch of PUBG, the renowned multiplayer battle royale game for the computer. It was developed by Brendan Greene and created by PUBG Corporation. Right after a year, Tencent – a Chinese game development organization, created the mobile app of the game and launched it on both major platforms. The game is now available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

If there is anyone who is reading this blog post and doesn’t have any idea of what’s PUBG we should tell you that it is about you and other 99 players who touch base on an 8X8 or 6X6 km island and need to battle to be the last one who survives. You are allowed to utilize a wide range of powerful weapons, vehicles, and supplies for shooting out other players. It is an enthralling idea of engaging users and for making them a game addict.

Very Soft Launch

In spite of the fact that the game was so popular on the desktop, the developers behind PUBG did not want to take any risk and launched this impressive app only for the users in Canada. The main purpose was to test the game and to see how the target audience will react to the mobile version. This methodology is a wonderful strategy for game developers to remove the errors that may show up on the release of the game.

Captivating Graphics

The graphics of PUBG are astonishing, particularly when playing on the highest settings. There are not much frame drops, though, the map details and textures are not as much as the PC or console release and that is normal.

What’s exceptional is that there are a couple of different features available to the players that allows you to tune the designs to your favored performance for your device. So, you can actually set your frame rate from low to high or change the designs of the details from smooth to HD. There are even a couple of color choices accessible that enable you to transform them from muted tones to something all the more brilliant and vivid.

Exceptional UX with Customizable Controls

The touch-screen controls work perfectly well for a game as complex as PUBG. Making use of the default setup, you go ahead with a virtual control stick, using your other thumb on the right portion of the screen to control your point. You fire, point down sights, bend, go inclined and get to your backpack with virtual buttons on the right side of the screen.

Once you are comfortable with the layout, you will see you have access to all the similar actions as on the desktop version including free-looking and learning. You can change the layout of the virtual buttons totally by sliding them around and changing their transparency and size. You can even spare various layout presets. The default layout is extremely intuitive and this is the main reason behind the mobile game’s success.

Monetization Strategy

If you are keen to learn about the monetization procedure for PUBG Mobile, we must say that the mind behind the game followed the similar framework seen before in the Game category. The best part is, the game is absolutely free to play, download and in-app elements are available for individuals who need to buy them. In the meantime, we should say that the gameplay does not rely on the user’s budget.

There are many players who enjoy the game without paying anything and there are other people who can’t go ahead without getting some special items.

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Game like PUBG?

So, now you must be wondering with all the features we’ve described above, how much does it cost to develop a game like PUBG.

PUBG seems to be a huge machine with numerous features. It is a high-level mobile gaming app. Such games are generally developed by experienced professionals and include high development costs. It is a high-reward and high-risk market. These games include an amazing level of details and are very much well-designed.

Developing games of this standard requires intensive efforts on designing, planning and even the time period ranges somewhere at least a year. The development cost depending on gameplay duration, number of environment, weapons, unique character and what are the elements you want similar to PUBG and new/unique game elements adding. We can build striped version at lower cost in less time to as big as PUBG. Give us a call for any queries on how to develop a gaming application like PUBG.

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Final Words

So, listed above are the few features behind the success of PUBG Mobile, the official mobile version of the well-known PC game. There are yet various things to be said in regards to the experience offered by this battle royale title.

For now, we simply want to say that the game is a remarkable sensation! Also, of course, there is more to come yet as updates are in progress. If you are moved by the success of PUBG and want to try your gaming app idea, lets us help you! We helped many fortune companies to give a shape to there game development ideas. We develop android games and ios games for every device 

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