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Cross-Chain Functionality and Security in Web3 Development

Web3 can be referred to as a better and newer version of the internet. It incorporates various concepts like blockchain technologies and decentralization. Currently, web3 development services focus on cross-functionality and network security. 

As blockchains started becoming mainstream, the implementation of decentralized technology increased at a steady pace. The latest buzz in the blockchain world is cross-chain or multi-chain technology. With the rising need for interoperable blockchains, cross-chain dApps are gaining overwhelming popularity. 

Since blockchain transactions are public, transparent, and immutable, addressing security concerns is difficult. The lack of a centralized system to look after the interactions and transactions are responsible for the security concerns. This article will highlight the two specific aspects of web3 development- cross-chain functionality and security. 

Development of Cross-Chain Web3 Apps

Web3 developers need blockchain networks like Polkadot for backend support. Polkadot is a web3 blockchain interoperability network to develop different cross-chain applications. The development process of cross-chain apps takes place through the following methods:


  • Substrate Framework

Polkadot is built on the Substrate framework. Therefore, the parathreads and parachains of Polkadot make every dApp built on the Substrate framework interoperable. Substrate has a variety of tools to enable the development of cross-chain dApps. 

  • Parathreads

Parathreads offer benefits like cross-parachain interoperability and support for the development of cross-chain dApps. They use Relay Chain’s security and don’t need to lease parachain slots. 

  • Parachains

Parachains are first-layer blockchains with individual runtime logic, the stipulation for economies and implementations, and native tokens. Blockchains developed as parachain are completely interoperable with the Relay chain and alternative parachains. Therefore, web3 applications developed on the parachain ecosystem supports cross-chain interaction. 

  • Bridges

Polkadot helps offer complete interoperability. Parachains, parathreads, and other chains developed on the Substrate framework are interoperable. But the purpose of Polkadot is to scale the interoperability with external blockchains.

The scaled interoperability comes through Web3 bridges. The bridges support communication between different blockchain networks. Therefore, sharing resources, digital assets, and arbitrary data becomes seamless.   

How Can Web3 Developers Improve Security?

Web3 security is essential for everyone, irrespective of the organization’s size. The top security considerations in Web3 development are as follows:

  • Beware of Trust and Market Dynamics

Web3 is not just simple technology but includes several cultural, economic, and legal dynamics for consideration. Some Web3 integrations conflict with regulatory compliance rules, such as KYC. It goes beyond that because regulations for the crypto space have huge variations. 

Since web3 technology is prone to web 2.0-style attacks, developers must consider how web3 projects can attract hackers. For instance, DeFi hacks often occur due to code exploits, flash loans, and cross-chain issues. The crypto loot hackers can get away with is massive.

  • Apply Security by Design

Security serves as one of the integral factors for the success of every technology. Incorporating security by design is the responsibility of all web3 design services. It ensures that web3 products can be developed with secure code and impenetrable infrastructures. 

Developers must take proactive steps to reduce the attack surface. It involves protecting zero-trust frameworks and defaults. Proactive initiatives also help you guarantee limited and distinct privileges. 

  • Implement Strategic Security

Implementing security design via your approach is crucial, but you must think beyond that. Web3 developers must consider which blockchain technology would be appropriate for the project. They need to choose between public blockchains such as Ethereum and private blockchains. 

Anyone can join an open, public blockchain using different anonymity levels. But private blockchains require users to confirm their identity, access privileges, and membership. But every blockchain, whether public or private, has a set of challenges. 

Some blockchains are also hybrid infrastructures. For instance, you will come across cross-chains, multi-chains, side chains, and more. Every infrastructure needs you to implement unique security strategies.

Developers also need to consider manipulation risks and data quality during every stage of the application development lifecycle. Security must be prioritized while deciding what should go on-chain and off-chain. The security strategy will also determine the required information for providing ownership or validating transactions.

Developers always need to build strategies for common threats like phishing. The strategies should consider how the attacks might impact workflows and the basic architecture of the project. You will also be able to embrace malicious link detection tools, multi-factor authentication protocols, and more.

  • Collaborate with Peers in the Industry

Navigating through the complexities of web3 will be easier through collaboration with industry peers. Web3 development services can also work with security experts to understand the approaching threats and methods to mitigate them.

Security engineers and researchers often use open-source platforms like GitHub to increase their knowledge about different categories of cyber-attack and their root causes. Since web3 is decentralized and public, you can spot information about it on platforms like Reddit, Discord, and Twitter. Developers should also leave security tips for other builders on the platform.

  • Perform Security Audit

Web3 development services should not hesitate to test and analyze project code. Hiring a security auditor to detect potential bugs seems prudent in such scenarios. Ignoring security audits can put cybersecurity at risk and lead to exponential losses. 

You should properly secure even the well-known vulnerabilities to ensure that hackers have a tough time exploiting them. Web3 developers might not have the same security governance as traditional software development. Therefore, organizing smart contract security audits at regular intervals is wise. 

Ending Note

Web3 development services can expect security and cross-chain functionality to improve with the evolution of web3. But a proactive approach is required toward improving web3 security and cross-chain functionality. The future might open doors to new strategies of web3 cross-chain functionality and security, but traditional practices cannot be considered obsolete.

Some businesses still consider web3 science fiction, but they can’t afford to ignore it for too long in the future. It has disruptive potential and will soon come up with new opportunities. We can’t even imagine some of the opportunities that web3 will bring with it in the future. If you need any assistance on web3, head to Juego Studio website. Juego Studios has created popular games that people adore. Browse through the game development services section of Juego Studios on their website to gather more information.

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