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By Juegostudio | Game Development | September 16th, 2020

Crucial Points to be Considered Before Starting a Game Development Project

Game developers today are very optimistic. Many of them have developed and delivered countless quality game projects. They firmly believe they can make killer games that can make waves in the market.

Game development has a come a long way from simple bubble shooting games or stacking bricks and boulders to more engaging and interesting games such as PUBG, Fortnite, Animal Crossing and the likes. There is a lot of work that goes beyond the creation of a game right from designing the character’s appearance or his missions to the detailed aspects of the type of audio and lighting to make the environment of the game look attractive. A game development is often thought just to be designing a game whereas in reality, game design is just one small part of this entire game development process.

However, a game development project is not easy no matter how experienced a team of developers is. For every project, they need to consider numerous factors that can make or break a game.

Important Terms that goes with game development

A game development project includes various different phases and each of these phases or stages have a lot of depth that needs to be grasped by a game developer. However, it is not really required for a developer to be aware of all parts of game development. While some are really creative with their unique and stimulating design ideas which acts as a great must-have skill for character or environment design, you might come across another person who is great with strategy development. Strategy development is often a critical part of the entire game development journey which helps in deciding and determining game mechanics or gamification.

If you are planning to hire someone who has a holistic understanding of the entire game development process, it is always better to outsource to a game development company who has the right talent pool unless you have the required skill set and infrastructure to support the project. With a great team of expert game developers, one such prominent studio, Juego Studios, has served several of it’s client’s game development requirements and have made their dreams come true.

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10 Crucial Points to be Considered Before Starting a Game Development Project:

With the game development process being a rigorous one, the right amount of skills and knowledge are very essential to conduct a project and take it from the kick-off stage to actual implementation. Although there are a lot of important considerations one needs to bear in mind when starting out with a game development project, here’s a list of some of the most important ones that must not be overlooked at any cost.

  1. Genre and StoryLine

Often what describes a game best is captured through what is known as the genre, storyline or narrative. This is a very important ingredient of a game development project and needs to be clearly set out at the start of the project. The storyline of the game is what underlines the objective of the game. It is crucial to carve out a clear and concise objective or plan which is not ambiguous.

  1. Character Design

A character is a vital part of a game and this requires a lot of attention. While often this is overlooked in many simple games, a well defined character is often what has the power to determine the success of the game as it is directly associated with the player and his actions and emotions throughout the game play.

  1. Game Objects

Before setting out on a game development project, you should know which and how many objects would be present in the game and how they would interact with each other. Defining the relationships among these objects constitutes an integral part of a game development project.

  1. Game Mechanics

A great game should be easy to play while at the same time must pose challenges and constraints that comes along the way to meet a certain objective. A game should not be very easy or very hard but should maintain a good game balance between the level of ease to play and level of the game play. Time becomes an essential ingredient in this regard.

  1. Strategy

Deciding on a game’s strategy has the potential to take a game to really great heights. Whether it is deciding about how many levels a player should have access to and what would the complexity to overcome each of the levels or it is about how the player would interact with the game environment throughout different stages of the game, deciding on a solid game strategy is critical to define before starting a project.

  1. Hook

While starting out a game development project, a lot of emphasis should go into determine at-least one of those unique aspects that should attract the player an keep him or her hooked to your game. Often determining this unique lure factor is not considered by many budding and inexperienced game developers at the outset of the project which often leads to sub-optimal gaming experiences.

  1. Active or Passive Engagement

Your game development plan could engage the player either actively or passively. Whereas it is a non-brainer to allow your players to interact actively and learn by doing, some games are best if played as a passive.  Take a call.

  1. Intuitive Controls

A game is best when it is easy to play. Controls to interact with the game environment therefore should be easy to follow to avoid frustation while playing a game with the sliding movements or managing the controls on the console.

  1. Step into the Player’s Shoes

As with every successul product, consumer attention is critical. Decide how the player of your game would experience while playing the game you develop. Have this on your priority list before starting out with your project.

  1. Uniqueness

A proper study of the target market of your game is required to place your game in a niche that is very new or even if not, has a unique calling to entice players.

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Game development is always an exciting and interesting yet complex journey. Every step of a game development project brings on newer challenges and that makes game development such an exciting and in-demand skill in the market. If you are a business and would like to consult a firm for expert advice in your game development journey, it is always a good idea to book a free consultation with one such firm. At Juego Studios, customer experience is treated with utmost priority and game development projects are managed with great dexterity by some of the brightest of the game developers in the country. We worked for fortune 500 companies on various mobile game development projects.

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