Crypto Games in Blockchain Game Development

By juegoadmin | Game Development | November 23rd, 2021

Crypto Games: Guidebook to Blockchain Game Development

The term Blockchain term has been in the news of late. This is largely due to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins and Etherium. Recently, this technology has been adopted by many game studios for creating new games and modifying existing games. You can even find quite a number of blockchain games that have become popular in the market recently. So, what do you think? Crypto games can get bigger in the near future or will this just be another gimmick that will just fade away?

Check out relevant information about blockchain game development and crypto games from below.

Gaming Transformation

Being a game developer requires patience. Meticulous efforts are required right from crafting a game flawlessly from scratch to rolling out the same to the mobile screens. It requires a lot of effort, time, and money. Many games even take years of toil to get structured. Game development has gone through many transformations from its humble origins. From basic video games to the recent immersive games available across multiple consoles in 2D and 3D one is the proof of the point. Yet, many gamers were not able to succeed even after putting in enormous efforts. Now, game development is seeing new ways like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and blockchain technology being used to code and create assets.

Blockchain technology emerging

Blockchain has also gained enough popularity, as an emerging technology that is reliable, across sectors. It has been widely adopted in multiple spheres from NFTs/Non-Fungible Token, DAOs, decentralized finance software to decentralized applications. This technology is used to power cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoins. Currently, blockchain has infiltrated the gaming industry due to its viability.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain allows currencies, projects, or programs to be decentralized. The gamer will have complete access to the entire procedure. The safe process will be transparent to the user as well as anyone who has access to it. So, with blockchain technology, anyone can have ownership of a part of the game. Under blockchain, the data structure consists of multiple “blocks” where each of them is linked to the previous one and its predecessors. This entire thread of linked lists is called a list of transactions.

The process through which these blocks are created into a chain of lists is through a protocol. This process lets the network take the decision regarding how the blocks will be added. This decision-making procedure leads to the decentralized nature of blockchain technology. Proof of taking, Proof of Work, and Proof of authority is decentralized elements using which decisions are made and agreed upon prior to adding blocks to the chain. You need to have a clear vision to have blockchain create codes and digital assets.

Some popular NFTs

NFT games or crypto games are already creating a lot of buzz in the gaming industry of late. In fact, online gaming is one of the fastest growing industries which are greatly advancing with the help of cryptocurrencies. Integrating blockchain into gaming has helped in gaining a lot of customers’ trust.

How to have a complete guide to crypto games through blockchain development.

1. It’s important for gamers to deep analyze the blockchain technology

As a blockchain game developer, you need to understand hash functions, blockchain consensus as well as distributed ledger technology which can help you better craft a game. To start, it’s important for you to learn about what blockchain and advanced blockchain security are. Also, learn about its drawbacks and limitations to integrate it better for gaming.

2. Time to understand different data structures

In order to integrate into gaming, you need to understand different types of databases as well as associated data structures.

3. Know about smart contract development

For someone to blend blockchain well with gaming infrastructure, you need to understand the different kinds of smart contracts. This should be complemented with knowing how to develop them.

4. Important to know about decentralization

The decentralization mechanisms are very important for a gaming developer and a blockchain developer to understand. The dApps can be put in place on multiple blockchain platforms leveraging different protocols as well as procedures.

5. Know a lot about cryptography

Digital ledger and cryptography are basic elements of blockchain development. If you are a developer, you need to understand the different fundamentals of it as well as the algorithms which go into it. These are important to create the digital assets and resources in the game which a user can buy and sell in the marketplace.

6. Coding and programming

In order to integrate blockchain well with gaming, coding is a prerequisite. To develop any gaming app fitted with blockchain or any decentralized app, it is important for you to understand all aspects of blockchain. These will help you craft a highly functional crypto game.

7. Right software

In order to build a crypto game, you need to acquire the appropriate tech stack like MongoDB, Angular, NodeJS, Metamask, React, Laravel, Solidity, etc.

Best crypto games

Sneak a peek into some of the best crypto games around the world

NFT games have taken the market by storm now. You might have heard about two types of NFT games – paid crypto games and free crypto games.

1. OX Universe

This game is about spacecraft where one travels across space to unfurl new worlds. Here, multiple tasks include exploring new worlds, extracting resources, and more. OX Universe includes top-rated graphics. In this blockchain game, you can build your own spaceship by buying parts.

2. Merge Cats

You can earn ‘soul’, a crypto coin, by playing this game. In order to create the next level, you can merge cats and sort them. As you move the level, you score points.

3. Crop Bytes

You can earn crypto coins by playing this game as this game is usually implemented with Tron, a digital wallet. You can exchange coins to gain bitcoin.

4. My Neighbor Alice

This is a multiplier game where you build your island. In this game, a gamer can buy a virtual island.

5. CyptoKitties

This is a game that runs on the Ethereum blockchain where a gamer can collect and purchase NFTs called Cryptokitties.


Since Crypto games are in high demand, you might want to develop scalable Crypto games like Lost Relics and Cryptokitties. If this is your idea, then it’s important that you hire a reliable game development company. Consider Juego Studios to fulfill your blockchain & NFT game development. The professionals working at Juego Studios possess expertise in creating games that are highly entertaining across platforms. Juego Studios have collaborated with many Fortune 500 companies.

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