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By Juegostudio | Game Development | May 7th, 2020

The Future of Cloud Gaming and Console Gaming

What can be said about the gaming industry that has already not been said? That it is growing in leaps and bounds, that it is an assimilation of the latest technologies or that it is going to become the next big thing after AI and Machine Learning? Exploring various possibilities, the trajectories of gaming and animation is no mood to take a pause, even if we measure only a part of it. This is not just striking all the correct notes with big brands like Sony and Electronic Arts but also the smaller game development companies that have been experimenting with their work ever since the boom.

Peeping the world, the bigger question that stares one in the face is, what is the future of gaming in relation to cloud and console. There are a lot of questions still unanswered and we are about to find possible answers to these. This blog will revolve around the grounds of the future of cloud gaming and console gaming.

Future of Cloud Gaming and Console Gaming:

Cloud Gaming

  • The Present of Cloud Gaming

Started back in 2010, Cloud gaming is all about reliving your gaming experience minus the gaming consoles or the hefty downloads or even getting yourself a physical copy of the game. You are all sorted with a high speed internet connection and a subscription. Sounds much easier than all of those mentioned above? Truely. In order to match the high end technology of today, gaming giants all over the globe are picking up cloud gaming to offer. Tech giants like Google and Apple have already announced their take in this and are recently joining the brigade of cloud gaming. How is this going to change the future of gaming?

  • The Future of Cloud Gaming

As estimated by Statista, “In 2017, the worldwide cloud computing market was worth roughly $45 million. Just six years later, Statista estimates that future of cloud computing will be valued at around $450 million, a 900 percent increase between 2017 and 2023” These numbers are predicted not just based on the game and file streaming but the recent addition of television streaming is also taken into account.

The future may be predicted as per say and completely change the paradigm shift and reach out to cloud gaming. While at present only 26% of the gaming enthusiasts prefer cloud gaming as their prime choice, it is about to change in the next 5 years. The evolution is rapid and is taking up pace with Google Stadia, Xbox Game streaming, Apple Arcade etc. So, if you think the future is up for social interactive media like cloud gaming, we are just getting prepared.

Console Gaming

  • The Present of Console Gaming

To be precise 1972 is the year that welcomed game consoles that can be attached to the TV and played. Who would have thought at that point, that the gaming console that lived for decades and entertained generations would be standing in a crossroad. When Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation are preparing us for the ninth generation gaming consoles (people are excited for it) these companies simultaneously are also ready to switch to cloud gaming. The only wait is for the people to accept its heterogeneous counterpart as safe. At present, even Nintendo, one of the famous gaming companies who were absolutely against adding online features to their product, has introduced Switch that allows cross-platform playing. So, where is this heading to?

  • The Future of Console Gaming

True that the future looks uncertain for gaming consoles and their relevance to modern gaming. However, it is never too easy to eradicate its existence. Even with the cloud gaming capturing the market, there are serious gamers who are sticking to console gaming and it would definitely take them a while to change into something different without the reliability of being safe and secure. Although, we cannot ignore the fact that cloud gaming is picking up its pace. Katsuhiro Harada, one of the dignitaries of a Japanese gaming company Tekken, said that the future of gaming would soon be a “contest of services instead of hardware”. Thus, even when the gaming industry is a $300 billion market, there is a whiff of a chance for console gaming to survive in this race.

An interview in Las Vegas with the gaming industry experts cleared some air about the existence of gaming consoles and upon asking if there is any need of another gaming console, Richard Huddy, Chief Gaming Scientist at AMD said “There are some people who maybe thought this generation of consoles would be the last — and whether we even need this generation? Yeah, absolutely, people love playing games in all sorts of ways, and there is an opportunity to create a new way to play games.” Upon which the direct answer of Michael Pachter, research analyst at Wedbush Securities said “ I don’t think we need consoles at all. I think we do today, because they provide that microprocessor that is fast and connected to your television, but I think in the next five years, you are going to see the content makers embrace their high-quality fast microprocessor games on any device, anywhere.” Later these experts assessed the future of Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony.

As of now, things stand unforeseeable. There is a lot that can happen that would bring back gaming consoles to their prime like what Mr. Richard Huddy would say, or cloud gaming, mobile gaming can completely change the atmosphere around for more gaming consoles to come.

Whatever may be the vase, Juego Studio would sincerely advocate the gaming solutions of your choice. Whether console game development or cloud gaming experience, we enhance every experience to match the clients’ requirements.   

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