By Juegostudio | Gaming Industry, Mobile Game Development | July 14th, 2013

The Evolution of Mobile Gaming

As the gaming landscape is expanding at breakneck speed and foraying into new frontiers, charging forth are smaller, dynamic development teams. The faceless talented game coders, artists, and designers, diligently work behind the scenes of every game.

Whether core or casual, console or PC, android or iOS or even social media, gaming development companies are trying to capitalize on the growing audience. There is major strategizing by reorganizing teams and hiring mechanisms. Smaller groups with streamlined task delegation, off shore units and out sourcing have become a popular trend. With this comes the rise of Game Development.

In a world where Angry Birds rule the roost, it is pretty evident that nonentities can topple the major studios on tight budgets and production scales. Teams are shrinking and more indie gamers are emerging. As a consequence of which, game publishers are redefining the way they source, nurture, and manage teams of developers.

Under the blaze of mobile and tablet technology, iOS (iPhone Game Development and iPad Game Development) and Android Game Development command a major market in India. Offshore teams pose smaller financial risks. They support with faster product cycles that these games necessitate. As the kinds of games and distribution patterns transform, expand, and collapse even, the nature of development teams is also evolving. This type of work flow focuses on mega successes like Halo and Call of Duty, trying to replicate their innovative idea cum business models of popularity and profit. Additionally, casual universal games, serialized games, and expansion packs, have replaced the old school disc and cartridge games that are disappearing by the minute.

A close-knit and dynamic gaming tour-de-force is Juego Studio Located in India’s IT corridor in Bangalore the company is the future of the Indian gaming scene. Juego Studio has extensive expertise in game development technologies such as: OpenGL/ES 2.0+, Cocoa, Objective C, Core graphics Game engines: Cocos2D, Cocos2D X, Unity 3D, Corona Physics engine: Box 2D, Chipmunk.

A lot of interesting predictions have been made about future gaming. Here’s an insight into the same that both casual gamers and hardcore gamers can look forward to:

  1. With improved hardware capabilities virtual reality games have resurface in the gaming industry. Notably, upcoming Oculus Rift, a VR head-mounted display (HMD) created by Palmer Luckey.
  2. Advent of SmartGlass is another factor. Even Microsoft is catching up with the Xbox SmartGlass. SmartGlass is a cool app that can be downloaded and accessed from smartphones and tablets to enrich the gaming experience.
  3. Going by the reasonably priced and sometimes free, indigenous games available in the mobile market today and can guess that the future may be heading towards Open Source!
  4. Augmented Reality and cloud computing based technology are also zones that gaming is foraying into.

Games in the future may no longer be monopolized by major western game developers but dominated by smaller niche Asian players, much like how video is today considered to be mainstream by YouTube. Players like Juego Studio have a lot to offer in this changing landscape. The next hot gaming destination is definitely Juego Studio.

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