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Graviton Zero – The Revolutionizing Game in the Blockchain Game Development

Blockchain games have been in high demand for a few years owing to innovative developments in gameplay and monetization. Blockchain game developers and gamers find it profitable, which has garnered immense curiosity in developing the games.

Do you know how these blockchain games are created? How different are blockchain games from traditional games? In traditional games, players do not have ownership of their digital assets. In contrast, blockchain games, the players have complete ownership of the digital assets they earn or receive through the game, making them profitable and using their assets for selling, purchasing, or trading.

In recent times, Graviton Zero (GZ), a blockchain game, has massively conquered the attention and changed the dynamics of blockchain games. However, before getting into the detailing of this game, let’s first understand some differences between traditional video games and blockchain games!

Major Differences between Blockchain games & Traditional Games

Here are some of the significant differences between blockchain games and traditional games below:-

Data Security:-

In traditional games, data security cannot be trusted as game operators can delete the game data, and game players can cheat, making the complete process unfair.

But in the case of blockchain games, the whole process is fair enough as game operators cannot delete the game, and the players cannot cheat on the game; hence the data stored in the blockchain is secure.

Tokens & Assets:-

In traditional games, you cannot sell your assets through the tokens you earn, which is the major drawback. But in blockchain games, the tokens you earn, win, or collect can be easily exchanged for money.

In addition, one can also create assets like digital properties or digital lands through their tokens in a way helping to sell or trade and earn money.


In traditional games, there is no decentralized game operation as the game operates in a centralized game operation in which there are numerous drawbacks.

For example, in these games, the operators take away the player’s unused property when the server is down, making the players lose their digital properties; hence the player has no control over the game’s life cycle. In blockchain games, the above drawbacks are controlled as the game is developed using smart contract technology and blockchain technology.

Graviton Zero – A Trendsetting Game in Blockchain Game Development

Graviton Zero (GZ), a revolutionizing blockchain game, is an MMORPG-powered Science-Fiction game that brings assets of multichain player-owned into the game and is developed by the Graviton Studio.

The game is powered using the most dominant real-time 3D creation platform – Unreal Engine. It is a free-to-play game where the game is about territory control to have planetary dominance.

It has fascinating gameplay, and GZ is in a plan where everyone can participate & enjoy the game by being a fully multichain metaverse. The game wants to conquer the blockchain industry by being the biggest Space MMORPG.

Features of Graviton Zero Game

  • GZ is a game where players have complete control or authority over their space vessels as the NFT metaverse drives them. It is a play-to-earn game where players don the various roles of space pirate, merchant, and many such and have full ownership of their digital lands & assets.


  • In the game, players can easily create a digital land plot on the planets where the place is available to trade them with in-game items on the market. In this player-driven game economy, one can earn hard currency ($GRAV tokens) and soft currency (in-game Void Crystals), whatever is comfortable to them. One can enjoy and have a tremendous gaming experience with this player-versus-player (PvP) and player-versus-environment (PvE) metaverse.


  • The purpose of this game is to create a decentralized metaverse through which any type of gamer would enjoy playing and using GRAV tokens; they can buy, sell and rent their NFTs. The game will be a part of the GameFi revolution through its play-to-earn gaming & metaverse.


  • GZ is a game that keeps your curiosity and enthusiasm at its peak, and in captivating game modes, you can fight enemies and friends. The ones who can form organizations are the holders of the land NFTs. These holders come together to create an organizational system earning more to dominate NEMENIS. These nemeni serve as the basis of game operations, which are tokenized plots of land.


Several exciting and upcoming features are coming up in the Graviton Zero game with combinations like strigaal ships, an option of NFT mining, planet mining, and many others. This GZ game will surely set the trend with its fascinating features and advancements in the gaming industry.

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