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By Juegostudio | App Development | March 17th, 2020

Have an App Idea But Where Do I Start? Here’s An Action Plan

Having an app puts you up in a better place. We are living in an era that demands the requirement of an app. Whether iOS or Android, the digital presence over the store is equivalent to stepping up your occupancy in the race of being the best. In this case, you are at a better position if you already have an app idea. It takes immense contemplation to believe in the idea and wishfully thinking to turn it into legit action. While most people have an app idea, they lack the knowledge of execution. The end result depends on the mode of execution that you choose. If you have no idea how to carry forward with it, let us help you out with that.

Break it down into simple units

The best advice one can give is to segregate your work as per priority. You have to decide what comes first and even before that you need to ask yourself some very important questions.

  • First, is there a requirement for such an app in the market?
  • Second, will I download it, if I were a potential customer?
  • Third, how will I position it in the market?

Once you know the answers to all the above mentioned questions, you can try fixing the next most important thing for yourself.

Unit 1: Research and Concept Building

To be honest, there is a lot that can go wrong. So, you need to know about the market demands and also about your competitors. They can be your biggest guide in this process of what need not be important. Also, you need to postulate your expenditure and manage your finances. Do your maths before you jump into this idea.

You might be needing some help to figure out your potential customers. For this you can either have a market survey to find out how profitable your business idea is or you can ask people in and around you, who you think could be your targeted audience. Don’t get carried away by sentiments, you need to think from a logical business perspective.

Unit 2: Find a Suitable Mobile App Development Company

You would think this can’t be tough, with so many mobile app development companies cropping up in the market, you would find the one that would be serving your purpose. Though it is true, you don’t know if there is any company that would align their purpose of service with your idea. Those are tough to find. you need to do a lot of background research in order to find the perfect match, or you can check out their websites and their clientele lists. Some mobile app development companies have the most versatile list of clients and projects. You might want to choose one that already has an app idea about the industry standards and have previously worked with new concepts.

Unit 3: Development and Implementation

Once you have selected the company you want to work with, you can sit across and discuss other criteria needed for completing the entire project. Some companies provide a more comprehensive solution than others. If you wish to go for a more outright engagement model, you can discuss it with the team. You would be needing the help of some crucial people like software developers, UI/UX designers, Testers, etc. Although some companies also allow some flexibility in the functioning and you can thus choose accordingly.

Choose Juego Studio to avail assistance of the best Mobile app developer. They are passionate, dynamic and put emphasis on relating to the requirements of the client. As professionals, they have been seriously involved with some of the major brands like Disney, Coca-Cola, Fox Studios, etc for some significant years. So, you can trust them with your valuable project to build a mobile app.

Whether IoS or Android app development, they take up every job with equal charge and due to their strongly built experienced team, the clients feel directly associated with the project. Also, performing tasks with transparency and reporting to deadlines is their forte, that cannot be matched by other companies.

Juego Studio as a mobile app development company

This should be your choice. From POC (Proof of Concept) apps to other complex apps like Media and Automation apps etc. Using premium tools and technologies, the company has established a name among the industry leaders. They also use prominent development platforms like Unity 3D and HTML5 and frameworks for cross-platform development. They use agile methodology approach also with MVC, MVP, MVVM like design patterns for building the best suitable design for your app.

They work in various strata from concept analysis to providing solution design, UI design, and deployment and finally testing and QA to produce the best to you. The finest utilization of your idea. So, your idea would also contain a minimalist touch of details and design. With great assistance, you could find your app flocking the market. the Assurance of Juego Studio put together with your opinion is exactly what you are looking for. This is what lacks in the freelancers that could also promise you the same but won’t be taking you through the step by step development performed in the project. The project is made keeping in mind the demand of the market, your idea and additional information assembled by the team upon further approval of you or your partner. So, don’t look around, when you have Juego Studio. Your mobile app development is now their responsibility.   

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