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By juegoadmin | Art & Design | July 29th, 2021

How Mobile Gaming is Powering the Demand for Art Outsourcing

The mobile gaming industry has seen a rapid rise in users in the past few years. Thanks to the advanced and easily available smartphones. But do you know what has increased with mobile gaming? Let us tell you, about the demand for art outsourcing.

If you want to know how mobile game art outsourcing is affecting, read along.

Understanding Art Outsourcing:

As the name tells, it’s the process of outsourcing the artwork. When the cost or the burden rises, companies outsource the artwork to freelance artists. This is usually done to save time and to concentrate on the work which is to be finished. But how is mobile game art outsourcing increasing due to mobile gaming? Let’s understand.

Top 4 Reasons Demand for Mobile Game Art Outsourcing:

  • A Rapid Rise in The Mobile Game Users & Player Expectations:

Most gamers are accepting the transition from consoles to mobiles quite smoothly. Most good quality mobiles are affordable and can perform numerous functions apart from gaming. This has resulted in the enlargement in the number of mobile users and users who play mobile games.

As per the reports from Newzoo, the mobile gaming industry was the largest in the segment in 2017. And it was expected to grow by 45 percent in 2018 and by 50 percent in 2020. This clearly shows how well people are responding to mobile games.

And this has increased their expectations too. A high-quality mobile device demands games with high graphics. And without meeting these demands, you cannot expect a successful mobile game. This further pushes the companies to outsource the artwork where it’s affordable, better, and captivating.

  • The Need for Faster Delivery:

With the rising demand for mobile games, developers have to develop the games faster. And this becomes possible only if more developers are there or there’s less work. The possible solution here is ‘outsourcing.’ Instead of hiring in-house artists, companies focus on outsourcing it to freelance artists.

This not only helps them meet the deadlines but adds amazing artistic design to the application. It’s another reason why mobile games are fueling the art of outsourcing.

  • Saves the Hiring Effort:

Again, as the demand rises, you need the resources to meet those demands. And that the traditional hiring system is time-consuming. Also, it requires infrastructure, assets, and other resources. And outsourcing artwork comes as a great solution to this.

Instead of enrolling new art designers, you can outsource the work. This way, you can not only save the cost but add more talented designers. And there are minimal obligations with that. So, to keep the hiring effort minimal and costs low, companies are outsourcing the artwork.

  • Saves Money:

When it comes to hiring in-house art experts, the process is very costly. It involves insurance, computer systems, and other related expenses. Another thing it requires is a lot of time. And to meet such high demand, time is what companies lack.

But outsourcing can put an end to these problems. You can outsource the artwork to affordable artists. This way, you won’t have to spend money on buying resources as the freelance artists will already have them.

How to Hand-Pick the Finest Company for Art Outsourcing?

You must have understood how the rise in mobile gaming affects outsourcing. Now, let’s learn how you can find a reliable company for art outsourcing.

1. Communication:

Outsourcing is amazing. But it brings along some challenges you need to tackle. When you’re outsourcing, make sure that you’re able to communicate well. Sometimes, time zones and languages don’t match. This can make the entire project complex instead of easing it.

You can hire Juego Studios for the best communication. It’s because Juego Studios has its offices in the UK, USA, India, and Kuwait. So, there’s not a chance of a communication gap.

2. Experience:

Look for experienced professionals. The company that you’re hiring should have a great portfolio depicting their expertise. You can find info on their website or just by searching on Google. It’s because the more accomplished the company is, the greater the results become.

You should always go for companies like Juego Studios. We have a vivid experience of over a decade in the mobile game development industry. You can visit the art portfolio here and find it for yourself.

3. Services:

You don’t know when your needs can expand. So, find a company that offers a range of services than one which offers a single service. Along with the artwork, the company should also offer basic development or related services. It’ll save you the hassle of finding another company when the demands rise.

4. Pricing:

This should be the topmost point but never mind. Be sure to examine the pricing before outsourcing. After all, pricing is one of the prime reasons behind outsourcing. Of what use is the art outsourcing if the local talent is available at more affordable prices. So, look for companies offering good services at affordable prices.

5. Reviews:

The ideal method to examine a company’s worth is by scrutinizing the reviews. Check Google reviews of the company you’re hiring. It will assist you to recognize the quality of the services they deliver. You can determine whether or not they meet the deadlines.

The Best Company for Art Outsourcing:

If you simply follow the above tips, you can easily find a reliable art outsourcing studio. However, if you’re confused and want to save some time, let’s help you out. As per the above tips, the best company that tops the list is Juego Studios.

Juego Studios is a full-service game development company. The company deals with everything from mobile, PC, browser game development to console game development and metaverse game development. Juego Studios has created amazing artworks in the past decade and is suitable for outsourcing. You can check the artwork here.

The company features talented artists, developers, designers from the UK, India, the USA, and Kuwait. Also, the services are available at pretty affordable prices. So, if you want to hire the best game artists at affordable prices, contact Juego Studios.

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