Getting Started with HTML5 Game Development

By juegoadmin | HTML5 Game Development | September 14th, 2021

How to get started with HTML5 game development?

Why use HTML5 for game development in the first place? What are some basic things you need to start with HTML5 development? If you need the answers, read along. Here you’ll find several resources necessary to start HTML 5 game development. We’ll also discuss why HTML5 should be used. So, if you’re interested, read along.

Why use HTML5 for game development?

1. Cross-Platform:

HTML5 allows developers to create cross-platform apps/and games. It means you can use HTML5 on almost any modern-day device with a browser. You need to make a few changes to your code so that it responds correctly to different screen sizes.

Unlike most programming languages, you won’t have to write a different code for every platform. And this saves time, money, and effort.

2. Consistent & cleaner code:

HTML5 is pretty consistent in terms of HTML code. As a result, it’ll be easy for the developers and designers to understand the structure of the application.

With the new section and article tags available, you can replace the div tags. This will allow you to keep your code clean.

3. Geo-Location:

If you’re thinking of developing location-based games/apps, HTML5 is the best. The geo-location integration works quite well in web-based applications. Google latitude for iPhone is an example.

4. Remote Updates:

Unlike other applications, the users won’t have to update the HTML5 apps manually. HTML5 apps get automatically updated whenever the internet is turned on. So, whenever a user opens an HTML5 application, he’ll see the latest version only.

5. Better interaction:

Now, HTML5 apps are built for web browsers. And it can be quite complex to manage the interactivity the user expects. However, with HTML and DOM support, you can easily add features like audio & video embedding, animations, and good-quality drawings.

Well, these were some reasons why HTML5 is beneficial. Many popular games like Gods Will Be Watching, Pac Man, CrossCode, 2048, Bejeweled and Angry Birds were developed using HTML5.

Now, we’ll focus on some resources to help you get started with HTML5 game development.

Getting Started with HTML5 Game development:

1. Choosing the game engine/frameworks:

First, you need to select a game engine and framework to work with HTML5. Now, choosing a game engine is not necessary. However, it can drastically speed up the process of app/game development.

HTML5 brings a range of game engines that act as a layer of abstraction and perform tedious tasks. Also, the frameworks take care of intricacies such as:

  • Maps
  • Physics
  • Audio
  • Animation for developing puzzles, sports, strategy, shooting, and board games.

In this way, the game developers won’t have to perform time-consuming tasks. And as a result, the apps would be developed quickly.

Here’s a list of some of the best HTML5 game engines out there:

● Phaser – popular these days.
● CreateJS.
● MelonJS.
● Quintus.
● LimeJS.
● PixieJS.
● CraftyJS.
● ThreeJS.
● BabylonsJS.
● PlayCanvas.
● Matter.js.
● KontraJS.

Courses on HTML5 game development:

Good technical knowledge is essential for developing HTML5 games and apps. And to gain that knowledge, you’ll need some HTML5 courses as given below. Please make sure to know that the below courses focus on HTML5 game development using Phaser.

  • HTML5 Game Development Mini-Degree – With this course, you can learn how to create mini-games using Phaser as the game engine. Even if you are a beginner, you can opt for this course. It comes with 17 hours of video content and has a certificate of completion too.
  • MMORPG Academy: With this course, you can learn how to create MMORPGs. MMORPGs are the most famous genre in the gaming world. In this course, you’ll get to use and learn Docker, MongoDB, Node.js, Phaser, etc. Also, this course has video content of 29 hours.You also need to learn about different skills used for the backend. And for that you can visit the below courses:
  • User Authentication with Node.js and Express: This is a pretty small but insightful course focusing on MongoDB and authentication. You can create a safe login system once you thoroughly go through the course.
  • Node.js & Express for Beginners – You can create APIs for both server-side and web app communications with this course. It’s also a brief yet insightful course.
  • Real-Time Server Communication with You can connect the Express Server API with the Phaser games for creating multiplayer games.
  • Web Authentication UI for Express and Node.js – This course is for you if you want a functional UI login system based on Node.js and Phaser.

Tutorials for HTML5 Game Development:

When you’re done with the courses, you can opt for HTML5 tutorials. Tutorials are useful as you can learn and implement at the same time. This way, learning becomes easy as you can follow the lead of your instructor. Here are some tutorials you can focus on.

  • HTML5 Game Development Tutorials: This video tutorial can teach you about the basics of HTML5 game development. The set contains six value-packed videos for you to view.
  • HTML5 Games with Phaser and JavaScript: This video tutorial brings along more value than the above tutorial. In this tutorial, you can practically learn how to develop HTML5 games using JavaScript and Phaser. Also, It’s a set of 26 detailed videos.


There are several online communities wherein you can learn a lot about HTML5 game development. Here are some communities you can join: –

  • Babylonjs Froum
  • Phaser Forum.
  • JS.
  • Threejs discourse.

Need help with HTML5 Game Development?

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