VR in Online Gaming Industry

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How VR Is Transforming the Online Gaming Industry

In the post pandemic world, especially owing to the lockdowns, gaming has blown up in popularity and has ended up creating a new diehard fan base. This renewed interest is also triggered by a bunch of technological breakthroughs which help create immersive experiences for the players. Virtual Reality has also pushed the “experience of playing a game” up by notches. VR in online gaming is an option that offers a mesmeric communicative environment to the players. So, the gaming world as we know it today will be incomplete without it.

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About Virtual Reality

Virtual reality refers to an exclusive three-dimensional environment generated with the assistance of a computer. Interactions within this environment are made possible through specific electronic equipment. It makes the player feel the sights and objects in extremely realistic surroundings.

To discern this type of environment a VR headset or helmet-like Valve Index, Meta Quest 2 or HTC Vive Pro 2 needs to be used. It is designed to make an individual sink into the environment making them feel like a part of the game.

These devices make the immersive experience a possibility with the help of breakthroughs in ocular tracking and cutting-edge graphics. It further generates a 3D picture and video with the addition of better backgrounds.

Besides, VR also re-builds the scales and dimensions amongst the static 2D images. VR devices are enabled with interactive software and hardware devices. Even though it is great for gaming, VR in online gaming can also be used on desktops, laptops, and a few mobile devices.

The Rising Growth Curve of VR in Online Gaming

When it comes to video games, users these days allocate a substantial proportion of money to experience immersive game plays. Virtual Reality based entertainment, as a consequence, is growing.

As per the reports of industry watchers, the gaming industry based on Virtual Reality will be the size of about 19.5 billion dollars in the United States by 2025. Virtual Reality plays a pivotal role in the growth of the gaming industry.

What has changed after VR’s Advent?

Earlier, gamers used to play their games on a flat screen. But with time, technology and VR hardware made it possible for the players to merge into a mesmeric personalized environment. This also allows the player to gain a far superior level of engagement with the gaming world.

With the coming of VR headsets along with other gears, gamers have been able to communicate well with these elements in the game. It has helped them to absorb the gaming world in a better manner. VR devices have made it possible to transform the typical onscreen outlook from a gamer’s end. And the best thing about VR in online gaming is that they provide the ability for the users to move freely within the artificial world.

How is VR reshaping the Different Online Game Genres?

Here is the list of game genres that have utilized the possibilities offered by virtual reality in gaming industry:

1. VR Adventure Games

These games are extremely amazing and provide great picture quality. They are perfect for getting out of this real-world for hours. VR adventure games are completely based on exploration and puzzle-solving. You will fall in love with game play. One will never regret investing in this technology. It doesn’t matter whether it is Oculus Rift, Play Chat VR, or a VIVE headset. Some popular VR adventure games are Arizona Sunshine, Astro Bot and Batman.

2. VR Driving Simulations

This genre has a huge potential. These driving simulations have top-notch Virtual Reality. Notably, the experience we get of driving with this technology matches the experience on the road. Players will feel like professional drivers. VR driving simulations have grabbed the market with unbeatable graphics and high-quality audio features.

With the evolution in technology, the simulations are getting better, real, and more exciting each year. Two popular car driving simulations are Project Cars and Gran Turismo Sport. Couple of VR based car racing games which have taken the market by storm are Live for Speed and Driveclub VR.

3. First Person Shooter Games

The first-person shooter games are the ones which enjoy massive popularity. They take VR to an all-new level. The main reason behind the popularity of these games is that gamers are addicted to reach higher levels in the game play.

Additionally, the visuals, sound effects, and game environment features are truly real. Flying bullets, diegetic sounds, noises like footsteps, locking guns, etc. contribute to the actuality. Best examples of these kinds of games are Robo Recall, Gunheart and Onward.

4. VR Casinos

Another VR-based game genre beyond the 3D is VR Casinos, which introduce you to the casino interface. With the VR headsets, gamers can attain authentic casino experiences and enjoy their time in the game world. The games provide real slot machines, blackjack tables with live dealers, and some roulettes.

Along with these, a gamer can enjoy their favorite VR in online gaming at a bar and continue interacting with other gamers in games such as VR Blackjack, Casino VR Poker and VR Casino.

How will VR evolve here after?

Earlier, the experts warned that the use of Virtual Reality would adversely affect the brain. But that possibility now seems far-fetched. A hike in demand is being noticed for VR in online gaming today.

Furthermore, the evolution of other technological breakthroughs like Crypto currencies, NFTs, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality will affect Virtual Reality favorably, letting it expand in scope and scale. The players are having a field day building on the new opportunities to create new connections with other players in an increasingly multi-player-dominated gaming world.

Going forward, the affordability factor and new breakthroughs within Virtual Reality technology will determine whether the technology will be further mainstream or get sidelined or overshadowed eventually. As of now, the majority of video games are being turned completely into Virtual Reality based formats. The gamers are in love with Virtual Reality and the world as a whole might just be stepping into a Virtual Reality realm in the future.

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