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Top HTML5 Frameworks You can Choose for an Game Development

A lot of game development studios rely on HTML5 frameworks due to their compatibility with different browsers. The number of free HTML5 frameworks and game engines available in the market will surprise you. It is easy to come across easy as well as complex frameworks. Scour through the guide to learn more about HTML5 game engines. 

  • Phaser 2D Game Framework

Phaser is a product of Python Storm and facilitates the development of multi-platform-friendly games. The free, open-source HTML5 framework was established in 2013 to aid the development of entertaining and interactive video games. The best part about Phaser 2D is that it is supported on both mobile and desktop browsers. 

The framework works on two technologies, WebGL and Canvas. WebGL, a Javascript API, supports the development of immersive and visually-appealing environments for players. Canvas enables the creation of in-browser graphics. 

Phaser is useful for building different types of games, including complex ones. Developers also find access to a fascinating library and the code that comes with it. The built-in asset loader comes with the ability to support sprite loading for animation, sprite sheets, and more that can be used for developing operational games. 

Phaser supports fast rendering and leverages the PIXI.js library for internal rendering. It supports single and multiple touch inputs along with non-touch inputs like a mouse, keyboard, and more. Phaser also has smart plugins to enable users to tackle all tasks with ease. 

  • Matter.js Game Engine

Matter.js has the best library for creating simple and dynamic animation objects. It has a physics library with an extensive focus on 2D objects. You can also combine with different third-party solutions to develop dynamic games. 

Since it does not require advanced programming skills, even beginners can use the framework. However, it still provides developers with the opportunity to create visually-pleasing solutions. It is also useful for making websites and webpages that need to be more interactive instead of static. 

  • Kiwi.js Game Engine

Kiwi.js, created by Chris Colbert, is one of the easiest HTML5 frameworks. After its initial release, it was redesigned and made easier to manage and maintain. The platform is beneficial for building both mobile and desktop games with WebGL rendering. 

The complementary game development tools available with Kiwi.js helps with the development of immersive games. Kiwi.js uses Cocoon.JS for deploying games to mobile devices as native apps on the AppStore. It also helps with the development of apps for iOS, Android, and Chrome. 

If you are using older browsers to run Kiwi.js, Canvas will be responsible for rendering. WebGL rendering is supported for the latest browsers and facilitates the development of fast native games. The game templates available on Kiwi support different functions, like animation, transformation, updating new information on the canvas, and preloading assets. 

  • Quintus Game Development Framework

It was created by the founder of ZENVA, Pablo Farias Navarro. The lean, modular, and powerful game engine is useful on all devices compatible with HTML5. The easy-to-use modular engine enables developers to choose a module they wish to use and set it up on the engine. 

Apart from an event-based and component-based approach, you can also try an object-oriented approach on the platform. Quintus comes with valuable plugins to make it easy to manage different tasks. Developing on Quintus is easy even for beginners because it demands the most fundamental Javascript skills. 

The javascript-friendly syntax of Quintus is also quite concise and lightweight. The flexible component model ensures that developers are easily able to equip games with their functionality. 

  • CreateJS Game

Are you looking for the best HTML5 development with a suite of valuable tools and libraries? If yes, CreateJS is one of the best HTML5 development frameworks in terms of its libraries and tools. Apart from creating entertaining web and mobile HTML5 development games, CreateJS is also useful for developing bilateral web content.

Created by gskinner, CreateJS receives sponsorship from Microsoft, Mozilla, AOL, and Adobe. The Javascript libraries included within CreateJS’s suite can be used individually as well as a comprehensive suite by creators. Some of the valuable libraries that come with CreateJS are as follows:

  • TweenJS for tweening and animating HTML5 properties
  • PreloadJS for looking after the loading of assets like bitmaps, sound files, and more
  • EaseUS for working on a canvas rich in media and other application solutions
  • SoundJS to support audio on the web with a simple API

Therefore, the libraries of CreateJS are useful for adding sound, asset loading, motion, and 2D graphics to projects. 

  • Babylon.js Framework for 3D Game Development

With the demand for 3D gaming experiences rising every day, the need for a framework like Babylon.JS is showing no signs of slowing down. In 2013, David Rousset and David Catuhe, two Microsoft employees, gave rise to Babylon.JS. It was introduced to the general public in 2015 at a WebGL conference. 

Even though the HTML5 framework is simple, it is more powerful than you can imagine. The web rendering engine of Babylon is packed with numerous features to create an outstanding gaming experience for players. One of its tools, Playground, is useful for beginning the entire process. 

Babylon uses a Javascript library for displaying 3D graphics within a web browser. Moreover, it is open source and free for all. You will find the source code on GitHub under Apache License 2.0.

Babylon.js 4.2 is its newest version, with advanced tools and features for improved experiences and workflows using a code-first approach. While Babylon Native is for native applications, Babylon Reach Native, in the latest version, comes with a React Native framework. It embodies the power and ease of Babylon.JS.

Several new features have also been added to the Inspector to enhance the Node Material editor. It ensures that developers can easily cut down on their time. The particle editor is valuable for creating and configuring particle systems. 

Moreover, it also supports the rendering of scenes with Physically Based Rendering (PBR). Besides photo realism, developers also come across a Shader Material. It enables developers to utilize their creativity to write their own shader. 

The latest version of Babylon also comes with advanced reflection and refraction. Apart from that, real-time PBR filtering and pre-filtering . HDR files are also supported. The rendered soft transparent shadows are also useful for optimizing environmental lighting and shadows. 


Hire a reliable HTML5 game development company, and you won’t have to concentrate on finding the right framework. They will understand your requirements and provide you with the best gaming solution to create immersive and entertaining experiences for players.   

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