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By Juegostudio | Game Development | April 27th, 2020

BACK TO THE FUTURE: A Journey through the evolution of Gaming & Technology in the last decade

Can you guess the video games with these taglines, Welcome to Rapture, Join the battle of Hogwarts, Welcome to Fortune city? I’m positive you surely would have guessed them right.

Thus, is the evolution of video games technology from 1950, when it took off with simple games like tic-tac-toe and Moon Landing with their simple simulations, to the contemporary lightning-fast processing speeds and mind blowing graphics, video games have become a fortified part of our everyday life and culture.

Video Game Technology – When it all began

Video games are no longer for a bunch of adrenalin-driven teenagers, but are played by thousands of enthusiastic gamers from all ages. Video games have evolved with in-game features, complex storylines, and a high dose of VR/AR elements that render the zeal. This enormous technology jump, with  photorealistic games and virtual reality, has shown an insane difference for the gamer and the gaming development technology and will continue to catapult to greater heights. Another leap for the developers and buyers was the arrival of the Unity game engine. People with a computer could use the free version for development of games.

The Evolution of the Indie game

Indie games (or independent games) are to a great extent, characterized by small teams or individual developers, higher risk-taking and innovative artistry.

Minecraft , Cave Story, Braid, and Undertale – all belonging to the genre,  were created by one person and gained popularity among millions of gamers all over the world. Likewise there are many similar modern projects made by smaller teams. The prosperity of the indie games owes it to the Valve Corporation that has created a Steam platform for independent projects. Now, it is simpler for developers to get funds for their ideas, market them and develop them together with the gaming community.

The success of eSport games

Cybersport games came into existence in 2013, and soon became a super hit among gamers. The years saw a rise in the number of players; the recorded numerical in 2014 were 90 million which shot up to 165 million in 2018, thus increasing the number of tournament, leagues and sport disciplines. The received profit among the eSport department was $765 million.

Retro games

In the last decade, gamers have been looking back more often, to resurrect some of the once-popular retro or vintage games back in shape.  Increasing demand for buying consoles like SNES Classic Mini and games that are the DOOM or Mega Man increased in numbers.

Besides, there are genres popular in the 90s that have taken a setback  with the advent of high-quality 3D graphics. You can now hear the announcements of cult classic remakes more often. Recently, Resident Evil, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and Mega Man were back to the game. Gamers tend to play good old classic RPGs and shooters with no plot but just shootings.

Video Game Technology and the inevitable facts

The clear pattern that we have seen in the video game industry is positively the quality of designs. In case you are considering a longer period of time, then the advancement will surpass the most idealistic desires. With such success in business development and advancing, there is an accord that, there will be oodles of advancement and innovativeness, an energizing time for developers and gamers.

Another achievement lies in the combination of video games and innovations of technologies like content generations, VR and AR. The storylines will turn out to be all the more captivating and the players will have the option to alter them. For instance, Juego Studios games development company is more client-oriented, so the gamers will get a chance to help the advancement of games they like and raise and support the most captivating thoughts.

Artificial intelligence is not something that deals with sci-fi; it is part of our everyday activities— from Gmail’s Smart Compose to self-driving vehicles to facial acknowledgment programming. Video games are no exemption, the introduction of non-player characters played a prominent part in the gaming and technology; they were specifically programmed with ‘finite state machines’. Which means all NCP’s followed a script, or an ’if’ statement. ‘If’ this happens or if that does not happen then there will be a continuation! But today the NCP’s is more sophisticated, it is more of decision making for the character and this will get better in days to come.

AI can produce game resources, which allows the designer to take it easy and design, for example, rather than designing every individual tree in woodland or rocks in a canyon, they can offload the work to PCs by utilizing a strategy called procedural content generation, which has become a genuine standard practice in the business.

Some of the incredible facts are the introduction to AI & Content Generation and Analytics, Rise of Hyper-reality, Cinematically realistic graphics; Interactive storylines; VR and AR technologies; Transparent game design; Crowd-funding to support games development; and Free-language interface.

Game Development 2020 – And All is Set!

League of the Legends had 100 million viewers than the Super Bowl, and by 2021 nearly one third of the population are going to be gamers! Tech giants have realized the potential and are knee-deep in developing extraordinary games with excellent gaming technologies.

The enthusiasm for mobile game developing skyrockets year by year.  It is normal that game developers will take a shot at increasingly sensible designs, connect with gamers and incorporate front line advances to propel the video games.  As everyone looks forward to getting an experience with a game, it’s more of an interactive session then just playing. Taking up this challenge, companies like Juego Studios are coming up with more powerful games that surpass our imagination. 

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