Metaverse Gaming Platform and its Boom

By juegoadmin | NFT Game Development | December 21st, 2021

Looking at Metaverse Gaming Platform and its Boom

The gaming industry has indeed gone through a massive transformation in the past decade. It continues to transform due to the evolving technologies. Blockchain gaming technology has infiltrated the gaming sector and allowed players to benefit a lot from its decentralized feature. Another boom was triggered by the metaverse gaming platform.

Endless Possibilities

If you compare the same time of the previous year, then the number of searches for “metaverse stock” has soared by a great margin. Recently, Facebook re-branded itself as Meta indicating its commitment to being a metaverse game development company. As we continue to transition to the next level of the Internet, the metaverse is at the forefront. It is referred to as “Web 3.0”. The way the digital world is getting embedded into our lives today, metaverse gaming platforms will possibly epitomize a 1 trillion-dollar market opportunity as per a crypto investment organization’s report. According to the firm, metaverse may be competing with companies holding a market value of $15 trillion.

Metaverse Creating a Great Impact

As per the authors of this report, the Metaverse gaming platform is an experiential and interconnected 3D world where people can socialize from anywhere in real-time to create an internet user-owned economy that will encompass both the physical and digital world. At present, we spend almost half of our lives on sedentary activities like gaming, watching TV, surfing social media. This trend will now increase with remote work being the new normal. With more digital activities getting mainstreamed, physical and digital worlds are getting blended.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Vision

Coming to Mark Zuckerberg. He dreams of a metaverse to be a place where everyone is fitted into virtual reality and is able to teleport. A world where people are able to execute things by just thinking about them and leap beyond the limitations of the physical world. But this breakthrough is still an achievable dream, according to the Facebook founder. All in all, the metaverse can be considered as an animated version of the digital world or a 3D representation of it.

Some Metaverse Instances

Reality Chain

Reality Chain is the first instance that is a multi-chain metaverse. Here, users can take gaming to the next level by leveraging multi-player features and functionality. Players can take the role of NFT avatars and also interact with NFT in-game assets like floor, walls, furniture, etc. Text and voice chats are also enabled.

OP Games

OP Games is another metaverse web3 game development platform that can transform the way people purchase, own or trade digital in-game assets. Presently, gaming platforms mostly restrict digital assets within their own ecosystem, limiting gamers to bring in accomplishments from other games. OP Games are converting the whole games into fractionalized NFTs where gamers can own partial games and co-own the entire game.

Metaverse Meeting Crypto games

When metaverse and crypto gaming meet each other, gamers from all across the globe can communicate, meet and work. They will be able to play in the virtual world in the 3D realm. Gamers will have their digital collectibles and will embark on the Metaverse gaming platform which is powered by Virtual reality gaming solutions. Currently, building blocks of metaverse are already stepping in. Talking about some of the metaverse instances of games, the below three are the best examples of blockchain-based programs on metaverse.

The Finest Examples of Blockchain Based Programs on Metaverse

  • Second Live
  • Decentraland
  • Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity’s Story of Metaverse

In Axie in the metaverse, players will need to buy NFTs called the blobby monsters before they can even start the game. Axie might look like a simple, regular game that circles around characters like Pokemon. The characters can fight in the simple game strategy. However, what differentiates it from any other game is that apart from gaining hearts or stars or crushed candy after being victorious in the game, gamers can gain something more valuable.

A couple of popular virtual apps like Roblox and Fortnite are taking the market by storm. These provide the best possible metaverse experience to you.

Metaverse Gaming Platform – The Newest Ambition of Giants

Metaverse is the newest goal for the tech giants across the world. In fact, it is the avowed ambition of Epic games, the creator of the most popular games like Fortnite and Unreal Engine. More so, this is also the driving factor behind Oculus VR, the Facebook purchase. Metaverse gaming platforms are gradually transforming into virtual economies with collectibles and utility tokens as they are recognized and accepted globally.

Will Metaverse Fade Away too Soon?

You might be thinking that Metaverse is a buzzword – a recent technology that has created a rage in the market and will soon fade away even as it starts. You might be wrong this time. The world’s biggest giants like Facebook and Zoom, Google, and Microsoft have shown trust in metaverse platforms and invested heavily in this.

Metaverse and Gaming Industry

In the gaming industry, it will change the way players interact with the characters or with each other. On gaming platforms, people will experience games like never before. They can feel a deeper reality. Instead of playing in the usual way by focussing just on the screen of the console, gamers can now interact with the environment around them. They can see the surrounding avatars; experience them and then play. It will be something similar to the Matrix, let’s say.

So, the play-to-earn features of the current blockchain-enabled games have transformed the lives of many. With metaverse on the go, trading of NFTs development is likely to rise and players are likely to benefit immensely.

Wrapping Up

Are you fascinated with the new transformation in the gaming sector? Metaverse is likely to create a major impact in the gaming field and social media. If you want to stay updated with such stories, do visit the website of Juego Studios. You can catch up with all recent updates about the gaming sector.

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