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Low Poly Art Design

Written by: Niraj Kumar Maurya

BEWARE!! You might fall in love with this digital art technique, as it is visually beautiful and fun to make. So let’s jump into ‘the world made of triangles’ which is also called low poly art. Don’t worry, it’s not necessary that it should be made in 3D software’s; it can be made in both 3D supportive software’s and also in 2D software’s like Illustrator and Photoshop. Low poly term has arrived from 3D software’s where high poly (polygon) count gives a good smooth surface, whereas low poly (polygon) count gives an edgy and many plane surfaces to the 3D model.

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As mentioned before low poly art mainly consists of triangles. Just like for every innovation, to begin with low poly art, build an idea or download an image from the internet. Install the software’s needed if you don’t have. Now you can begin with the steps below:

  • Bring the sketch or the image of your idea in the software

lowPoly art img -1

  • Create the triangular outlines on the image using the pen tool in Illustrator or Photoshop

lowPoly art img -2

An easy way to break down the triangle distribution is based on the level of detail you want to give. For example, foreground objects get more triangles while background objects get less. It is also a good habit to zoom out every once in a while and view your art piece as a whole so you can give it a uniform level of detail.

  • Now the fun begins with the triangles. Start making triangles on the outline created. Quick Tip: Using color picker, quickly form a palette for your piece using complementary yet diverse bunch of colors.

lowPoly art img -3

  • Your finished product might look like this…

lowPoly art img -4

  • You can also convert the background using the same method.

lowPoly art img -5

Add some sparkling effects if you like and you can make your art more beautiful.

lowPoly art img -6


And voila, your beautiful low poly art is ready

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