Mobile Game Development Challenges

By Juegostudio | Mobile Game Development | March 12th, 2020

Major Challenges Faced in Mobile Game Development

Top 5 Major Challenges in Mobile Game Development

Developing a gaming app has witnessed a surge in post smartphone penetration and affordable fast internet during recent years. Advancement of technology and hardware, especially in the space of smartphones has led to spiraling-upwards expectations of gamers across the world. The huge demand for gaming applications has made the gaming industry more profitable than ever before. While the industry metrics undoubtedly look promising, the challenges involved in development as well as battling the rising competition become more tough jobs developing successful mobile games. Carefully thought out strategies are extremely important to mitigate business risks and have a solid ground in this field.

As with any product or service, there is a gamut of aspects to keep in mind before launching a gaming app. Below we discuss some of the most pertinent mobile game development challenges industry faces.

  • Finding a Right Concept

As with any product or service, success depends on carefully planned out marketing research strategies. Without studying the market, the demand for gaming applications is hard to discern, thereby leading to failure to tap market potential. There are platforms and tools that provide better insights around the usage, lifetime value, and monetization of the games which can benefit you from studying and defining the right audience to market the product. Identifying the right nice concept in order to market the gaming app is the most essential first step that goes a long way in defining the credibility and sustainability of any company.

At Juego Studios, we have a broad team of expert mobile game developers highly trained in multiple technological skill sets such as Unity 3D, Cocos2D-X, PlayCanvas and so on. Our team is also equipped with augmented reality and virtual reality enabled gaming app development to catch up with the latest market trends.

  • PublishingBuilding Awareness for Your App

A natural question often is how would potential users of the game come to know the existence of the game in store. There are several strategies that a firm could take here such as an AppStore & PlayStore Search Ad, ad campaign other platform, social media posting, or blogs etc… Besides, it is using influencers on social media platforms.

We, at Juego Studios, have been providing satisfactory services to our affluent clientele over the past years. Our website captures some of the interesting and positive feedback our clients have put forward for our superb work that talks loud about how a partnership with us has helped them achieve their dreams.

  • Maintenance of Gaming App

The gaming application development is not a one step process. Customer satisfaction entails periodically monitoring the game – by checking the user engagement such as its changes in the game elements, game meta, visulas, routine bug checks. Often an app comes with future versions which are upgrades on top of the previous one. A consistent and dedicated effort by developers is crucial in maintaining a sustainability of interest among gamers across the world. There are a lot of reasons for which a user might switch to a different game. It could depend on the user friendliness of the interface, breaking in the game and bugs due to 3rd Party SDK updates and no game elements update and upgrades leading to monotonicity.

We at Juego studios ensure to support you right from the planning stage till the stage where the app has been developed by our skilled developers and also provide continued support.

  • User Friendliness is a key determinant of success

Who loves a long list of guidelines to operate an app? No matter how much time or effort and money goes into developing a gaming app, all of it goes unnoticed if it does not have an easily interpretable and seamless user experience. Often one of the biggest challenges developers face is to come up with a simple and easy to follow interface masking all the complicated coding and technological pieces that go behind the scenes.

Juego Studios has been rated highly for demonstrating excellence in the field of creating amazing user interfaces. It has been a pleasure for our company to serve several of our happy customers by helping them build gaming apps of their dreams.

  • Technical Skills

Often many companies building gaming apps, either lack the required know-how or the required technological expertise to successfully launch a game. There are a number of target platforms on which a game can be built – for example, it could be Android or iOS or both the platforms that a company need to decide based on the target market. Selecting a cross platform supporting gaming technologies will help to launch both the platform at less cost and turnaround time with a vast market. It is often highly challenging for companies to keep their pace with catching up with the latest trends and technical requirements. To find the right talent is not an easy task.

Our team at Juego Studios have over time and again built several gaming apps and even end-to-end solutions – in both native as well as cross platform. Our team has a rich experience in leading technologies such as Unity 3D, Cocos2D-X, Unreal, PlayCanvas, Xamarin. In a world that is being dominated by augmented and virtual reality powered gaming apps, why lag behind? Our expert team members come with high dexterity in the field of AR and VR powered games as well.

Final Thoughts

Mobile Game development is not an easy task. Cross platform game development helping to release multiple platforms to reach a wide market. Time, money and certainly a huge amount of patience is required to materialize an idea and finally transform that into a reality. Hiring the right company can save a lot of time, money and worries about the future. Good knowledge about the market and customer needs is an essential first step in bringing success in this business. All game design challenges can be softly carved to make a perfect user centric video game.

We at Juego Studios have a team of professional developers with diverse skill sets to suit the different requirements in the gaming industry. Our dedicated team is well equipped with the latest state of the art technology to give wings to your imagination and use our creativity to develop a product that you would get complete satisfaction out of. If your business is planning to make a gaming app, contact us – we may certainly be able to help out.

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